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Please, Stop Comparing Black People To White People. Let me tell you why.

Stop Comparing Black People.

Let’s stop this thing of comparing (ourselves) Black People to White People. It is totally unrealistic and is the equivalent of grading on a curve. Especially, Black People, do not compare yourselves to white people.

First and foremost, there are so many other people, races, countries, and industries who you should be looking at.

Secondly, whites, must realize, the fact that you are evening compared to blacks, should give some credibility to ‘the blacks’ and help you to have an all-new respect for the blacks, and people of color, as well as women, who make it into ‘the room’ or ‘the boardroom’, because, you know, the journey for you was paved, while they went through THE FIRE to get here.

Let’s talk about it…

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