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Kareem Antonio Jackson


We engage more than 1 million people around the world every year, with our multiple-mediums –and growing.

Rolling-up our sleeves and getting into ‘The Market’ is one of our specialties at KA&CO. We take pride in our uncanny ability to immerse ourselves in, understand, inspire, lead and ultimately penetrate a market –anywhere in the world.

Our Founder, team members, photographers, writers, editors, IT Specialist and even stylists have ventured to, hosted events, product launches and lived in 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries.

Market R&D, Penetration & Development:

From The Shangri La, A-Class Resorts, in slums, rural provinces, we have dined and partied with, celebrated, talked, interviewed, gained data and unique understandings of nearly every minority culture in the world.


We have received numerous awards, US Government Resolution, been first-to-the-market, re-branded and ultimately achieved success for thousands of clients, cities, ventures, politicians and countries. We have promoted more than 20,000 entrepreneurs, businesses, events and not-for-profit ventures around the world. From the idea, to the first logo, first AD, uniforms, location, training and even sale, we have worked with entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and growth-goals.

Though we are experts-in-the-field when it comes to the United States and Philippine Island social, consumer, social, business and product markets, we have launched ventures in Africa, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, as well as solely on the world-wide web.

Whatever it takes. We have launched more than a dozen niche-market, market-specific, internationally distributed magazines, published more than 100,000 pages of press and media content, hosted sold-out Success Seminars, LIVE! ON THE SET Radio and TV Shows, video blogs, Icon interviews and product reviews. In addition, we’ve hosted thousands of consumers at more than 100 events around the world promoting anything from Remy Martin Cognac, to Cadillac, the Philippines country, minority America, political candidates, as well as global outsourcing.

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