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  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Outsource Everything
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion
  • Philippines Lifestyle, Tourism & Venture Development
  • Data Privacy
  • Shed Your Shit! (The Minimalist CEO)
  • Starting With Nothing
  • Why You Need An eBook.
  • Where Is Your Website?
ka&co service

Over 50,000 Business Impacted

Kareem has worked with over 50,000 entrepreneurs, business owners, diplomats, celebrities, politicians, and organizations worldwide.

His transparency into his own story is inspiring, hands-on, real-life, and empowering as it offers a road map to entrepreneurial success.

ka&co service

Kareem has been his mantra for decades. Now, he travels the world helping others turn their ideas into money-making ventures. Celebrating over 30 multi-award-winning years of entrepreneurship; 22-years and Founder & CEO of KA&CO, Kareem has an uncanny ability to connect, evaluate, and consult, on the on-the-spot, which creates a fascinating post-event Q&A, coaching, or brainstorming engagement session.

ka&co service

“Success is for everyone…”

let us show you how. This ground zero entrepreneurship experience is ideal for transitional employees, newbie entrepreneurs, and institutions looking to get into entrepreneurship, with a goal of replacing their job/earned income with their own business.

Entrepreneurship Success 101 Seminar 16-Page eBook/Hard Copy Available

Outsource Everything

A little-known secret to entrepreneur success is the power of delegation. That power only exploded during Covid and the subsequent lockdowns. Not simply the power of savvy business owners and corporate executives. But now, savvy consumers and newbie entrepreneurs have gotten into the game, created a brand, leveraged it, took it global,ly and are now competing with the BIG BOYS. Small and Micro-Entrepreneurs also employ most of the work workforce and are largely credited for helping the global economy bounce back after the 2008 US Recession, and the 2016 Pandemic.

Outsource Everything! 32-Page eBook/Hard Copy Available

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

It’s the new name. Diversity = Profits and we get into it. Designed to be more of a private or confidential working session, Kareem’s vast DEI experience from both the vendor and corporate perspectives enables attendees to ask questions and gain the insights they need in order to make informed decisions.

Starting in the late 1900s, Kareem and his company have done first-of-its-kind political speeches, campaigns, minority-inclusive corporate ads (for companies like AT&T, Western Union, Nascar, and Cadillac), as well as, ground-breaking rebranding and engagement-focused published campaign, such as The KC Star’s first-ever, Black-Owned Business Edition.

Philippines Lifestyle, Tourism & Venture Development

As the publisher of The Philippines Magazine International, the country’s first-ever, US-published, in print, online, digital, and internationally distributed lifestyle, investment, and entertainment magazine. Showcasing over 500 unique Philippines-based and US-based Filipino-owned businesses.

A great subject for groups, organizations, and developments looking to invest in the Philippines, outsource, or otherwise venture into the country, and are looking for insights, guidance, connections, and success.

Kareem Antonio Jackson

Data Privacy

The New Normal has brought some of the largest changes in global commerce. One of which is the awareness of data privacy rights in the Philippines by foreign companies, business owners, as well as, Philippines-based companies (and individuals), doing business around the world.

Data Privacy 101 Philippines (Awareness Level) Seminar 12-Page eBook/Hard Copy Available

Shed Your Shit! (The Minimalist CEO)

An in-your-face confrontation-style seminar that helps entrepreneurs, employees looking to pivot into entrepreneurship, and financial-stressed families and individuals looking to have a life change as part of the entrepreneurial journey.

Although it is NOT a deep dive into true-minimalism; for those battling hoarding, materialism, self-worthiness issues, and illnesses brought on by stress, this can be life-changing as they embrace “minimalism”, from a CEO, business owner perspective. Not just interior design concepts and fashion ideas, but real-life techniques such as virtual business development, outsourcing, business shifting, and value-re-assessments.

Starting With Nothing

The Good ole bootstrapper Method is more popular globally than you could imagine. In addition, in today’s market, wealthy corporations and individuals are cutting down the risk and using this “inherent value-driven” strategy as well.

Kareem has started with nothing; both by choice and by necessity, multiple times in his life, with multiple ventures, all around the world, in both Western and Eastern Markets.

The Art of The Deal is not a new concept, but it is new information for small, newbie, black, female, and minority entrepreneurs. However, in today’s post-pandemic world, tens of millions of Americans and Europeans have quit their jobs and jumped head-first into entrepreneurship, and this topic is for them.

Why You Need An eBook.

It has never been easier to start a business, tap into global markets, and turn your idea into a money-making book. While most value and promote, the traditional ‘publisher’ strategy of publishing your book, Kareem goes into why ‘self-publishing’ is the new deal-changer.

From credibility to passive income, and legacy for your children, in print, online, and digital products are changing the world –in real-time. Kareem talks about The Power of an eBook, to sales teams, entrepreneurs, professionals, educators, and creatives looking to go to the next-level.

Where Is Your Website?

Today business and newbie entrepreneurs are on the same level playing field in the cyber and online world. Websites, Apps, and Online Sales have created some of the world’s wealthiest people –literally overnight.

The internet is a whole new world, and real estate is cheaper there, it’s 95% racism-free, instant income, global-reaching, and much less expensive than a brick-and-mortar business model. Additionally, a website can re-invent your existing business and open you up to a new world of online fans and clientele.

More than just a website topic, Kareem goes into strategies, e-commerce business models, and ends with an intense Q&A session, as well as, ways for every business to affordably launch their brand online.

ka&co service


Looking for an entrepreneurship youth assembly or corporate transition event speaker?

“Success is for everyone…let me show you how.”

Kareem delivers the Entrepreneurship 101 eBook in an audio presentation style-format that will inspire and give insights on how the attendees can get started, develop, and succeed as a new entrepreneur.

The Core Take Away from this presentation is focusing on “replacing your job/earned-income” as a reality to gain your FREEDOM from the working-class. Mixed in with a few gems of The Minimalist CEO, and the fast-scaling Outsource Everything Strategies.

There is a “Great Resignation” and an “Entrepreneurial Revolution” going on right now, worldwide. You’re not alone.

The world is getting back into entrepreneurship.

Jesus was a carpenter –an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship; the freedom to work for yourself and leave a legacy for your family, is a

God-Given Right. Kareem gets into it, and at the end of the presentation, he opens it up for one of his live, intense Q&A Sessions.

Entrepreneurship Success 101 Seminar 16-Page eBook/Hard Copy Available


Kareem comes from a 4-generation entrepreneurial family. Starting with great grandparents who were not allowed to “work” for racist white Americans following the freeing of the black slaves in the USA.

Fast-forward to his father, Anthony “Ajax” Jackson, who refused a position in the garage startup pharmacy business of Ewing Kauffman, (now Bayer), Ajax, ventured overseas to pursue his entrepreneurship dreams. Known for his entertainment company, as well as, for introducing ‘furniture manufacturing’ to Nigeria, and returning to the USA in 1986 –RICH!

A serial entrepreneur, Kareem launched his first money-making business in the 6th grade; a landscaping business, with fellow 6th grader and business partner Chris Oeland. Since then, Kareem served a short tour in the United States Airforce during the Gulf Crisis, where he found his true-passion for freedom and entrepreneurship.

Kareem has lived out that passion ever since, helping develop businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians, and students all around the world.

In addition, Kareem has been fortunate to be philanthropic in his endeavors, promote minimalism, anti-racism, DEI, and helping underprivileged business owners in 3rd world countries around the world to level up and live better lives.


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