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Kareem Jackson’s Annual Reach

“Success is for everyone!”
-KAREEM JACKSON, Founder & CEO, KA&CO International, Celebrating 23-Award-Winning Years Saying That Mantra, and FREEING ENTREPRENEURS FROM THE ENTRAPMENTS OF BUSINESS.

Niched Content & Audiences Self-Branding & Business Development

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

  1. Client Entrepreneur Development
  2. Newbie Entrepreneur Coaching
  3. Outsourcing Solutions & Strategy
  4. Expat Lifestyle Hacks
  5. Travel & Tourism Departments
  6. Community Orgs, Politicians & Local Governments

Digital Products Available

(Also available in-print in select markets)

Entrepreneurship 101: Freedom eBook and Seminar (1k+ PAID Student Attendees)
Outsource Everything eBook
Data Privacy 101: Awareness eBook (PH)
The Philippines Magazine
(1K+ Businesses: Lifestyle, Travel, Tourism, Trade & Investment)
Philippines Ink Magazine
(500+ Artists/Businesses: Tattoo Lifestyle)
Black Kansas City Magazine
(1K+ US Businesses, Black America and Allies)
Niche Tourism & Lifestyle Magazines and
eBooks (12 which vary with current

Kareem Jackson is…

1st Black American APEC Asia Business Coach Award-
The Minimalist CEO of KA&CO, Founded in The US, offices also in The Philippines, 
A Multi-Award-Winning, 3-Generation Serial Entrepreneur, 
An Author & Publisher
A US Government Resolution Recipient, 
Black Chamber of Commerce, Entrepreneur of the Year,
CN Magazine Gay Entrepreneur of the Year,
S.CO.R.E. National Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee (US)
1st Black American Philippines Golden Globe Award Winner,

US Executive Publisher of 

Executive Show Host of, Kareem Jackson LIVE! On The Set

Topics: Entrepreneurship, expat lifestyle, politics, Democrat vs. Republican, DEI, Critical Race Theory (CRT), LGBYQ+, and Hot Topics. 

What does Kareem Jackson do?

Brand & DEI Consultant

For over 25-years Kareem has been at the frontline of his own businesses, working with entrepreneurs, corporations, politicians, and government to develop inclusive marketing, copywriting, speeches and events.

DEI/CRT Consultant & Executive Coach

Diversity = Profits. You can’t talk about one without the other. The same as you can’t coach football without both offense and defense. Let’s achieve your diversity goals.

Business Development, Outsourcing & Expat Entrepreneur Lifestyle Coach

Outsourcing and offshoring is a business success strategy, which has been around since the first entrepreneur walked this earth –whenever that was. The innovation is that success is for everyone now. The internet changed the game, and then covid-19 lockdowns leveled the playing field. Now, Kareem works with micro-businesses, top executives, and newbie entrepreneurs alike, who can now get into the game easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before.

Author & Journalist

Writing was Kareem’s first passion. Today, in addition to writing more than 1 million words of award-winning content, titles, features, copywriting, business documents, and scripts, as well as, over 12 of his own publications and books, he contributes to other publications, organizations, and media outlets.

Producer & Project Manager

Some people call him “Action Jackson” because of his uncanny ability to get things done –within budget. Not just tasks, or deliverables, but big picture, full turn-key projects for clients who just need it to happen. In the United States, the Philippines, or anywhere else where execution is needed by his clients.


What Kareem Jackson started as a passion project around 2010 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, has blossomed into a business that has taken him all around the world –both in person and now, virtually. Beginning with his own magazines, books, then eBooks, turned into a plethora of seamless services for authors, professionals, organizations, and entrepreneurs around the world looking to get their ideas and information “out there”.

Influencer & Expat Tourism Ambassador

People take Kareem Jackson’s advice. People buy his offerings. People, literally move across the globe based on his insights and recommendations. And, people profit from working with Kareem Jackson as well. 

There are no guarantees in business and investing. However, Kareem Jackson can give you an edge: custom campaigns, and publications, in the niche, micro, and national markets. 

We go where the market is, even if it’s “offline” and over 20,000 miles away from our headquarters. Just check out what we have been doing for The Philippines Tourism for over a decade ThePhilippinesMagazine.com


Kareem has worked with over 50,000 entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, diplomats, celebrities, politicians, and organizations worldwide. His transparency into his own story is inspiring, hands-on, real-life, and empowering as it offers a road map to entrepreneurial success, DEI, and lifestyle freedom.

Kareem Jackson’s Audience…

Up to 100K+ Monthly Global entrepreneurial-minded, young, emerging, and middle-aged, men and women, in the United States, the Philippines, The UK, Africa, and all around the world, who appreciate educational, empowering, and motivational content, with a minimalist, freedom-seeking, outsourcing, offshore, scalable, black, with a life abroad, twist.

Organic Global Reach: 1 Million Annually

In-Print.  Over 12 in-print, niche market magazines, magazinettes, and books, distributed directly in the hands of fans in more than 6 countries, in both English and Tagalog (Filipino) markets.

Online. More than 10 websites, in 3 countries, with over 25,000 published, original, and repurposed posts, articles, features, pop-ups, banners, hyperlinks, and SEO-focused content creation. 

Social. More than 10,000 published, clips, shorts, and episodes, on: LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  

Advertising. More than 500 client and intercompany print ads, logo animations, audio and visual commercials, product videos, and voiceovers. 

Virtual. Over $100,000 in live sales and proceeds via Popular live, pre-recorded, interactive, shows, podcasts, guestings, and seminars. 

Digital. Global Reach with more than a dozen publications, apps, and digital shows.  

Sponsored Interactive Global Events. Over 100 Tours, Countries, Islands, and Hot Spots. Intercompany, Philippines Department of Tourism, Black Issues, and Expat Lifestyle Demographics.

Entrepreneurs. Over 5,000 business, entrepreneurs, and client events have worked with Kareem Jackson and/or his affiliates, in more than 12 countries, including The United States, London, Scotland, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Canada, China, Mexico, and Australia.

“Success is for Everyone”


The United States; professional, entrepreneurial-minded, expat lifestyle seekers, black, female, and minority markets. White markets engage as strategic partners, LGBTQ+ and allies.

The UK; professional, upper-income, business-centric, black and female markets. 

Africa; Westcoast, young entrepreneurs, college students, municipalities, and politicians. Expat lifestyle and tourism interests are increasing.

The Philippines; upper-income, celebrity, tourism, expat consumer and investor markets, ambitious, business owners, newbie entrepreneurs, college students, lifestyle, municipalities, and politicians.

Global Reach; professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, expat insights, black American culture and lifestyle, outsourcing strategies, and hot topics.

What is KA&CO?

KA&CO America is a modern-day international media, publishing, and business development coaching and, consulting company, celebrating 23-years of servicing “woke” entrepreneurs around the world, now ultra-focused on showing them how to minimalize their cluttered lifestyles, outsource their business processes, earn more profits and use technology to create their dream life.  

In early 2000; though Kareem had created and built his boutique marketing and publishing business, from his dining room table, into one of the fastest-growing small businesses in middle America, when America officially went into recession he saw massive opportunities in minimalism, as well as, the digital media world.  Inspired, Kareem was desperate for a drastic business and lifestyle change.  

Ultimately, Kareem downsized the 10,000 sq. ft. downtown offices and outsourced his 100-person US-based team.  With “freedom” at the forefront, he re-invented himself into a laptop CEO, became one of the first black American-owned businesses to outsource to the Philippines, and transitioned his company into the international creative powerhouse that it is today.  ***Read My Story (Link  Below)

“I was ridiculed, sued, slammed in the local news, a US Attorney General was on my back, I even had picketing in front of my home and downtown offices.  I was desperate for a drastic business and lifestyle change. 

Everyone thought I was insane…when I halted print publishing of my popular, and highly-anticipated Minority Success Magazine and canceled The Minority Success Expo.  Then subsequently, was systematically downsizing from my 10,000 sq. ft.  ‘dream’ marketing, publishing, and creative offices in downtown, Kansas City, USA.  

They thought I was suicidal…when I walked away from my 3,000 sq. ft. home on the hill, minimalized my cluttered lifestyle, and outsourced my 100+ staff, creatives, and team members, to become a waiter. 

They thought I was a fool…when I bought and lived aboard a trimaran boat I bought from Craigslist in Marina del Rey, California, and focused 100% on outsourcing all of my business processes to the Philippine Islands. 

They said it was impossible…when I spent my tips from waiting tables at the Cheesecake Factory to get my entire business -including billing and payments- all on my e-commerce websites and, all manageable from my laptop! 

When I wrote my business plan and the first edition of “The Philippines Magazine”, featuring 500 businesses, had my first outsourced photoshoots over 3,000 miles away; viewed via Skype, emailed my publisher’s draft to my new outsourced designers, editors, and web-fed printer in Makati City, Philippines…they said it wouldn’t work. 

The day Fed Ex delivered my first copies to me in California, USA I cried.  Finally, I knew they were wrong. Very wrong. 

I think every entrepreneur; in this new age of tech, artificial intelligence, digital consumption, data, social media, and the coronavirus, would benefit from the power of outsourcing.  Everything from pollution, waste, stress, and operational expenses –or waste- can be diminished.”   -Kareem Jackson


  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Outsource Everything
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion
  • Critical Race Theory (CRT) 
  • Politics: Republican vs. Democrat
  • Philippines Lifestyle, Tourism & Venture Development
  • Data Privacy
  • Shed Your Shit! (The Minimalist CEO)
  • Starting With Nothing
  • Why You Need An eBook.
  • Where Is Your Website?


Email: Kareem@KareemAntonio.com

Website: www.KareemAntonio.com  

Kareem’s EPK: https://kareemantonio.com/EPK-Press-Media-Kit 

Book Kareem: https://kareemantonio.com/book-kareem
Download Kareem Jackson’s new eBooks “Outsource Everything”, “Data Privacy 101”, and “Entrepreneurship 101” on Google Play and at KareemAntonio.com. Learn how-to minimalize your cluttered lifestyle, outsource your business processes, make more money and live your dream life while doing it!

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