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KA&CO Company Intro & Profile

KA&CO International (US LLC)

Public Company Intro & Profile

“Success is for everyone.” 

KA&CO has been not just saying it…but, creating innovative business development solutions, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship ventures, education, enabling life-changing, cost-effective entrepreneurial-focused consulting, media, and tech for over 22-multi-award-winning years.

Our Mission: 

Our Mission is to ensure that, ‘success is for everyone’ by helping; as many people around the world as we can, to gain their financial freedom through entrepreneurship. And then, aid and arm them along the journey, as they develop, celebrate their successes, leverage their opportunities, and scale their ventures. 

Ultimately Our Mission is to help our clients turn their dreams into reality. 

What we do:

We are the Founders of The Entrepreneurial Revolution. 

Here at KA&CO, we take pride in consistently answering the call from the growing number of people who seek their own unique form of success. 

KA&CO is the one-stop shop for 5,000+ under-valued employees, low-income families, pivot-seeking founders, and freedom-seeking entrepreneurs who are searching for something else. 

We combine The KA&CO Method, with the entrepreneurial spirit; and decades of award-winning, real-life, global experience, which enables us to develop -and execute- innovative and seamless solutions, to solve nearly any problem, or capture any opportunity that our clients may have.

From entrepreneurship and turn-key start-ups, to pivot solutions; business, community, and tourism development, DEI, and marketing, to websites, systems, tech, and mobile app development, here at KA&CO if you’re our client, we’ve got you covered.

KA&CO Data Privacy is a pillar of our success; as we cater to an exclusive, niche clientele who prefer confidential, end-to-end, turn-key solutions; outside of themselves or their companies, as opposed to training internally and suffering a learning curve.

In the beginning…

Starting as “Kareem J. A. Jackson & Company” a “marketing agency” on the dining room table of our Founder, CEO & Executive Publisher, Kareem Jackson, as a “passion project” with just 1 client in Kansas City, MO USA, over 22-years ago, KA&CO International Business, Community & Tourism Development Firm has profitably scaled every year in both client services and demographics. 

As of today, KA&CO has worked with over 20,000 businesses, entrepreneurs, governments, politicians, celebrities, and organizations, in the US, The UK, Canada, Australia, and The Philippines.

Philanthropy, “each one, teach one” methodology, and the power of giving back is woven into everything that we do. 

KA&CO Gives has enabled us to have given away more the $1 million USD in philanthropy; cash, donations, pro bono, donated, and in-kind services, products, education, food, and scholarships, to families, students, business owners, entrepreneurs, and government agencies all over the world –and we’re not done yet!

KA&CO is a trailblazer, and the epitome of successful ‘global’ diversity, equity, and inclusion; aka G-DEI (yes, pronounced Jedi like Star Trek)

, beginning with our company founder, to the global teams, throughout our stakeholders, and into our client roasters, winning us multiple global acclaims. 

  • Launched the first black American lifestyle magazine in Kansas City, USA.
  • Developed & Co-Launched the historic first Black-Owned Business & Lifestyle Edition of The Kansas City Star Newspaper.
  • Launched the first ‘online liquor store’ in the Philippines
  • Launched the first black/American radio show in the Philippines
  • Launched the first black/American published lifestyle magazine in the Philippines
  • Launched the First Black/American barber salon franchise in the Philippines
  • Launched the first US NFL-style football camp in Asia
  • Launched the first Tattoo Lifestyle & Culture magazine in the Philippines
  • Launched the first black/American Tattoo Competition in the Philippines

Awards & Recognition:

  • Commissioned by US Embassy Manila
  • Commissioned by The Philippines Department of Tourism Manila
  • Commissioned by The Philippines Department of Tourism Central Visayas
  • Commissioned by The Philippines Department of Tourism Bohol
  • Commissioned by The Philippines Department of Tourism Malolos City
  • Commissioned by The Philippines Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)
  • KC STAR Strategic Partner
  • Black Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, 
  • Gay Entrepreneur of the Year Awards,
  • S.C.O.R.E. National Entrepreneur of the Year Award Nominee,
  • The APEC Asia Business Award, 
  • The Philippines Golden Globe Award, 
  • Ingram’s Masterpiece Award, 
  • US Government Resolution for Contribution to Minority America
  • Philippines Tourism Ambassador
  • Accredited and Certified DPO by NPC


Who is KA&CO?

KA&CO is a Multi-Award-Winning Business, a US LLC, Community & Tourism Development Firm, specializing in both domestic and international business, tourism, DEI, Philippines Data Privacy, healthcare, media, publishing, local community development, Mobile App Development, and IT/Tech Solutions.

How it’s going… 

“Success is for everyone.” And yes, we are still saying it –globally!

Now, celebrating over 22-multi-award-winning years, with ventures in the US, The Philippines, as well as, other countries around the world.

KA&CO has worked with more than 20,000 clients, politicians, entrepreneurs, local governments, celebrities, and other stakeholders; from the US to the UK, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, and China.  

As well as, more than 1 million global fans of their magazines, books, shows, and both in-person and virtual, interactive events around the world.

The Team: 

  • Founder and CEO: Kareem Antonio Jackson, (22-Years)
  • CIO, DPO & Interim CFO:  Joel Tiongson (11-Years)
  • Executive Manager & Matriarch: Shirley Jackson Brooks (20-Years)
  • Business/Project Manager & Interim COO: Joe Antonio-Neri Jr.

Here at KA&CO, we have a diverse team of nearly 100 professionals; from the United States to The Philippines, Dubai, The UK, Africa, India, and Australia to help you achieve your goals; whatever they may be, and claim your success!

We’ve got you covered.

Kareem Antonio Jackson

Our Brand Success Formula

  • LIVE On The Set Show
  • The Entrepreneur Revolution
  • KA&CO Store
  • Black Kansas City 
  • Minority Success
  • Philippines Ink Magazine
  • PH MASTER Tattoo Competition
  • Behold Bohol
  • I Love Dreadlocks
  • SWAG Barber Salon
  • RANGGO App
  • Bulacan LIFE APP
  • Bulacan Lifestyle
  • Outsource Everything
  • Gay KC
  • Live On The Set
  • Philippines Data Privacy: 101
  • NannyPreneur
  • PH MAG Online
  • Nanny Island Philippines
  • The Philippines Magazine International

Our Products, Services & Solutions: 

  • Coaching, Seminars & Speaking Engagements
  • International Business Development & Execution,
  • Digital & Traditional In-Print
  • Publishing
  • Deal BrokerageConsultancy, 
  • Marketing,
  • Branding, Advertising, 
  • Writing, 
  • DPO Consulting & Seminars,
  • Web Development,
  • eCommerce (Shopee, Lazada, Amazon & Customize),
  • Systems Development,
  • Server Evaluation,
  • CCTV Installation,
  • Digital Products,
  • Mobile App Development,
  • Publishing, 
  • Ghostwriting, and 
  • Creative Acquisitions.


  • Developed, Launched, and Managed The First Black/Minority Lifestyle Magazine in the Midwest USA (Kansas City, MO)
  • Initiated The First Black Features in Ingram’s Magazine (and exclusive white publication in the USA)The First Black/American to work with The Philippines Government to rebrand the country and launch its first lifestyle magazine.
  • Developed, Launched, and Managed The First Online Liquor Store in The Philippines (
  • Developed, Launched, and managed Myranggo print magazine, Digital Magazine, Website, and Mobile Application (Android and IOS)
  • Developed, Launched, and Managed online Outsourcing Services OUTZED.US

Financial information:

KA&CO is seeking investors to help scale its localized business ventures, seize more opportunities abroad, and help ensure that ‘success is for everyone around the world. 

We aim to raise $1 million USD, expand our business model globally, and push our shows, online advertising, and online ADs to reach 10 million people.


“Greetings everyone! With great pleasure, I’d like to recommend Kareem Jackson for helping spread the news about Black women in politics. He is very down to earth, he has a great personality. He will truly indeed will put you on the map to bring awareness to who you are to help promote you and your campaign”.

Dr. Gena L. Ross for US Senate

“Kareem Jackson is an international business person with unlimited potential. He is an innovator and a disruptor with a proven track record in the public affairs arena”.

Harry Thomas,

Former US Ambassador to the Philippines

“Kareem took my ideas, my passion and my love for writing and encouraged me to “get it done.” I am so glad I listened. Kareem was encouraging and answered all of my questions. He guided me through the process and I am proud to say that my book goes on sale next week. 

Angela Johnson-Sutherland, Author & Entrepreneur

“I have an amazing team that helps me get things done, and is helping to set myself up for the win! Thanks Kareem Jackson, I appreciate all the business advice, calls, brainstorming meetings, and truly appreciate the support you’ve given me.”

Kimberly Brown, Author & Entrepreneur

Acknowledged for contributions to Minority Kansas City.

US Government Resolution NO. 031189

Kareem Antonio Jackson
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