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Success is for Everyone… We’ve been saying it for over 20-years,

What are your business dreams and goals?

Don’t allow lack of insight or skeptics to keep you from achieving success. We’ll take the risk with you.
HELPING OUR CLIENTS ACHIEVE SUCCESS: The view from the Corporate Global Headquarters in the Philippines National Capital Region (NCR) can keep any creative team inspired.

Providing Award-Winning marketing, advertising, business development, writing, and publishing for Icons all over the world: The Flamingo Hilton Casino, Remy Martin Cognac of France, Marlou Colina Salons & Cosmetics, Blackwell Sanders Peper & Martin Law Firm, Pepsi Cola America, SPRINT, AT&T, WU! Manila Magazine, PH DOT/TIEZA, HOOTERS, The Cheesecake Factory, The Hyatt Regency Hotel, The Westin Hotel, Senator David Haley, Mayor Kay Barnes, Councilman Troy Nash, the City of Kansas City, Johnson County, and The Philippines.

A disclosure: At Kareem Antonio, we do not pride ourselves on subtlety. Instead, we value a direct, no bullshit approach to business. Our clients are tenacious and aggressive entrepreneurs and brands that see business and product development in a competitive sportsman-like way.

They do their research, develop their plans and hit the ground running. And, we are there to aid them along the way. AT KA&CO we pride ourselves as trendsetters. We focus on emerging markets and trends that gain our clients and investors the long –and short- term returns they expect.

Our unique approach garners an even broader and more valuable return on their intrinsic values; something most other firms leave on the deal table. From ultra-simple ghostwriting services; such as articles, dossiers, slogans and business plans, to complex merger negotiations, creative acquisitions, product & business development, international business deal-development and political influence needs we can create a turn-key solution for you and your company leaders.

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