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In the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, American business tanked. Many huge corporations and savvy business people crashed and were never heard from again. After the huge rise and fall of my estate management firm, media and publishing businesses, I found myself faced with the same crisis. I thought I was at the top of my game; I’d worked hard and sacrificed to get here. I thought nothing could knock me down. But, I was wrong. I found myself alone and penniless.

Minimalist CEO

THE SILVER LINING: I was debt-free and the

the only way to go -was up!
My parents raised me to do things, rather than sit around and watch what others are doing. That ideal has inspired me my entire life. So, just like billionaire Richard Branson; who began his empire on a houseboat, I went out and bought a mini-yacht off Craigslist, in Southern California, USA, that had been neglected and the owners wanted to get rid of. I waited tables for the Cheesecake Factory and I re-invented myself.

The demise had bestowed me with a better, broader and more humble perspective. I had a clarity that was impossible to achieve when I was in the non-stop business world. I had been an entrepreneur since I was in my teens, just as my father, and my grandparents before them. I’d never truly had a job before -at least not for very long. The doer culture of my family, over my life, had helped me to succeed time, after time, despite what others had told me was next to impossible. Some ventures have been massively successful and fulfilling; while others have been a bust. Nonetheless, I have refused to give up on myself and my dreams. I emerged from the ashes rested and re-inspired. And, I encourage you to never give up on your dreams, your vision and yourself. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, now get back in the game

 Multi-Award Winning, Published American Entrepreneur, with over 25 years of expertise in launching and supporting companies through critical start-up and/ or turnaround situations implementing and coordinating rapid & hyper-growth market expansions. Expert hands-on experience as a visionary and strategic planner. Kareem possesses a unique competitive style of recruitment, cooperation, motivation, and risk-reward evaluation.

Kareem Antonio-Jackson
Sometimes viewed as a ‘Financial Dare-Devil’ in his own investments —which began with just $500.00 borrowed from a family friend. In most cases involving ‘other-peoples-money’ Kareem achieves his success by practicing patience over rapid-returns. High-Risk over Secure. Clients consult with Kareem in times of crisis, when large sales or market growth are needed quickly via extensive cash-flow management, capital development; initiating and maintaining relationships with business, political and organizational affiliates, special groups and corporate partners, a highly-effective organizational liaison bringing huge service to a multi-local, national and global community of stakeholders. Kareem is also an aggressive business life and development consultant to investors, politicians, and entrepreneurs like. Minority

Black Chamber of Commerce,
Ingram’s Masterpiece Award-Winning Writer & Publisher
Young Black Entrepreneur of the Year,
CN Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year,
S.C.O.R.E National Entrepreneur of
the Year Nominee and a US Resolution Recipient
for his contribution to Minority America

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