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⛔ Stop Begging ⛔ The Great Black Hope & The Raw Truth About DEI Today.

🌈 DEI: A Definition
Opening Statements

🎤 Hosted by Kareem and
A.L. Johnson

Special Guests:
Johannes Penney ( London 🇬🇧)

  1. Hot Topics: Black Panther Waka da $330 Million Launch, Black Little Mermaid, Black Nutcracker, Black Mountain Philippines, and MORE!
  2. Diversity = Profits
  3. CRT in the Office
  4. The Great Resignation
  5. Affirmative Action
  6. Over vs Under-Qualified
  7. Who is DEI for?
  8. How to FIRE your DEI Exec.
  9. USA vs The UK Black Corp Life
  10. The Entrepreneur Revolution

📈There is no doubt that diversity equals profits.

Perhaps over 100 years ago it was so widely documented. It was a nuance, it was trailblazing, and it was scary for many people.

Then in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s it was marketed to the general public to be righteous, needed, and the right thing to do for “disenfranchised” people.

💰However today, the truth is that since 1950 when the first 3/negro players were allowed into the NBA 🏀 (US), the entire industry has grown infinitely.

⛔ So, we can now stop begging, now.

🤯The paradigm that “we need” DEI to be happy and seen in the corporate American and UK space is wrong.

From the consumer markets to politics, customer base, and the human resources (HR) perspective, it’s a commonly known fact, in MOST organizations (though not all) that without the inherent value of diversity, you’re dying a slow death.

🎙🎧Let’s talk about it…

Open Forum: Q&A and FAQs

Stop Begging! The Great Black Hope & The Raw Truth About DEI Today
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