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Passport Bros 10 MYTHS Explained

Passport Bros is blowing up!

Let’s talk about the myths, misconceptions, ideas, and truths about what living abroad really means, and WHY millions of Americans and folks from the UK are doing going abroad right now.


  1. It’s been happening for 100+ years.
  2. Gay men have been doing this forever.
  3. Women… oh yes, Passport Sistas are real!
  4. It’s not about sex or just wives.
  5. Racism in America is bad.
  6. The “Average Guy” can be above average.
  7. America is expensive!
  8. Quality of life.
  9. Black American men are LATE!
  10. “Passport Bros” is a divisive name.

Let’s talk about it… Rerun: Passport Bros 10 MYTHS Explained

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