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What “They” DO NOT Tell Black People

What “They” DO NOT Tell Black People About MONEY, BUSINESS & OWNERSHIP.

First and foremost,

I want to be honest with you. This topic is personal for me. These are ALL things they did not tell me either, but I learned, was enlightened, WOKE up to, and ultimately the knowledge changed me. Got me back on track, go everything I lost back, and more!

Kareem Antonio Jackson

And, I want ALL OF YOU to have the same outcomes. It doesn’t matter what level you are on, if you are a baller, shot caller, or a homeless, welfare Mom, the pandemic hit us all, it woke up the world, and if you think you are successful now, just keep living.


There is a REVOLUTION COMING. An entrepreneurial, technological, racism-free new world is coming. We are possibly months away from THE FIRST BABY BORN ON MARS or in space; our petty racism will soon seem ridiculous, and trivial.

And, newsflash, the “THEY” can be white people, rich people, whoever ‘they’ represent for you, but the message is the same for us all.

But, as a Black American Entrepreneur, the “THEY” typically tends to be white America and Corporate America.

Many of you know, I and my company had a dramatic crash back in 2008, after the US Recession. It was on local news in my family’s hometown (KCMO, USA), and also hit National news, we ranked as one of the BIG FLOPS of the year in some business publications.

I went from Bling Bling to Clink Clink, to Namaste, and Back Again!

I went from having my magazines featured in Ingram’s, getting Resolution, and being ‘entrepreneur of the year’ and interviewing the Mayor of KC; to serving them hot bread at The Cheesecake Factory, and working for tips.

But the truth is, I was sick, I was tired, I was fed up, and I was unhappy. Ultimately, I WAS BITTER AND I WAS ANGRY! And I do not want anyone going through that crap again.


Just like many of you are right now, coming out of this pandemic, this reboot, this pivot. I know exactly how it feels to be sitting in that fabulous home, with no electricity, no gas in the wintertime. That fabulous car, but, deep inside you know you are counting change to get gas.

What happened?

Well, I want to give you the GOOD NEWS. It MAY NOT be all, your fault. You may be, as I was, A VICTIM to some real bullshit.

THEY make money on your suffering, on your struggle, and your demise is their market boom. From higher interest to higher entry, cheap real estate, evictions = urban renewal and gentrification. Your ‘working poor’ status, equals their profits, and then when you do get higher wages, here comes outsourcing and offshoring. WTF right?

  1. It Does Not Take Money to Make Money. The Slaves Have Been Freed…

IT TAKES MONEY FOR THEM! That is true. Because I hear all you skeptics in the back, or maybe you liars too, telling people, “…you/I need money to make money…” but, the truth is THAT IS A LIE! YOU WERE THE SLAVES! YOU WERE THE MONEY…THE ASSET.

We started with NOTHING! So what happened to that SKILL? That Passion For FREEDOM!? When you do it for “The Man” it is called “INNOVATION” and “INGENUITY” but we refuse to do it for ourselves -GAIN.


Let’s just take the ‘victim’ goggles off for 2 hours, for this show, and hear me out. Imagine if an item on your ‘business balance and assets sheet’ could talk…THAT WOULD BE BLACK AMERICANS. As a BLACK MAN, you can go out, anywhere in the world, with your bare, black hands, and that charm God gave us, and you can MAKE MONEY –with nothing!

That is how we shocked them when we walked off the plantations -WITH NOTHING- and now we are one of THE WORLD’S TOP MARKETS…competing with ‘white people’, America itself, China, and Japan! Yes, you, former slaves. But they want you to get their loans, bring them your ideas for investment, and so on…RUSH, not build it over time, maybe generations. But the truth is, you, WE were the assets, they needed MONEY to buy some ‘money-making Negros’ to own.


Let’s Talk About It…LIVE!

  1. You, Diversity & Inclusion Are The Pivot. Remember Diversity=Profits…
  2. Slavery Is Not Over, Yet. Freedom Is An Illusion For Most People…
  3. Black Is Trending -Globally. The Secret Is Out. Black Is The New Green…
  4. Do Not Settle To Work For Them, When You Can Work With Them. Employee Or Owner, Paradigm Matters…
  5. White People & Companies Are Not Our Competition. We Are Stronger Together…
  6. OWN A Business, Not A Job. Just read the US tax code.

Let’s talk about it…LIVE!

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