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What To Invest In Now?,

Kareem Antonio Jackson

What To Invest In Now?

What To Invest In Now -Post Corona tells you what you (the everyday Joe looking for security, small-business entrepreneur, or micro-business owner) can invest your time and money in today, to help you fare much better during and after the Corona. (For questions just shoot us an email: Ask@KareemAntonio.com)

Now we see why some US politicians waited such a long time to tell Americans how serious Corona is…they wanted time to sell off their stocks. Especially those stocked they had in tourism and hospitality; they traded them for stocks in 3M, Bayer, and a new food delivery APP perhaps. Well, to save you the bad karma, (I did tell you before that the US politicians we wrong about this deadly virus), and now, I will tell you 5 investments to jump into today! Especially if you are home jobless or with a frozen business. Check out my IG: Minimalist CEO. I did this over 10-years ago and now I see the ROI, it’s right-on-time right now!

In a nutshell, I talk about 5 Investments:
(1) Tech
(2) Home Schooling & Online Degrees
(3) Bring some outsourced jobs back to America/Europe
(4) Go Digital
(5) Get your business a website -and eCommerce option.
(6) Bonus! Outsource Everything non-essential

Got Questions?: Ask@KareemAntonio.com

OMG! Sorry, I was so sweaty in this video, we are in-studio, and NO AIR-CONDITIONING during the day, they say the heat is safer for the virus. Thanks for all the support.

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