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New Entrepreneur & Start-Up Coaching

New Entrepreneur & Start-Up Coaching

So You Quit Your Job, You’ve Launched That Venture…Now What?  

The Great Resignation: Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Revolution!  

First and foremost, it’s about time! The Pandemic woke a lot of Westerners, Americans, and Europeans up! You WERE FORCED to step back, and look at your life….and, over 10 million people in America as of today said the hell with this dead-end, job.  

There are 10.4 Million Jobs Available In The USA –right now.  

Retail lost over 7 Million jobs in the USA.  

4.3 Million Americans Quit Last Month (August 2021)  

FACT: There are more jobs available right now than ever before in US history.  

Let’s talk about why you’re all quitting…  

Around the world (believe it or not) working-class people have more pride, live seemingly better, less stress, more happiness, better mental health, and; here in the Philippines where we operate from half of the year, (the other half of the year we are in our hometown of Kansas City, MO, USA) one income from say, Mc Donald’s can support the entire family. [true in the Philippines, India, and Africa]  

When working for McDonald’s in those countries, there is a thing called 13-Month Pay, Annual-Increases, and amazing Christmas Parties –like US high school pep rallies, they’re amazing!  

Yes. They may not have a Benz, or Starbucks coffee every day, but they have JOY. Besides, you only need 90% of those material entrapments of wealth, to show off to people at work anyway. The suits, the office heals, the make-up, the weekly trips to the barbershops and salons, and, the shrinks, the depression, the anxiety, as well as, the childcare are all expenses related directly to your JOB!  

And during the pandemic, many people (especially in America) realized that ONLINE ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the future anyway.  

Plus, the internet and online workplace; lacks racism, it’s OUTCOME-BASED, no one is monitoring your bathroom breaks, smoke breaks (if you do still smoke), nor your messy desk when you work from home.  

10 Truths We See In Our New Entrepreneur Clients: (Bonus #11)  

  1. There’s more to life than making money. Work For Your Family, Not For Money.  

    Many of you (despite the mainstream media narratives) ENJOYED being home with your immediate family and realized what you’ve been missing –that other countries do.  
  2. Working Poor.  

    Going to work is expensive. Working and just surviving, is devastating, but a sad reality for millions of working-class people around the world –especially in the West.  

    Being An Entrepreneur has NEVER BEEN EASIER and with low wages, even the minimal ‘business-earned-income’ can be life-changing.  
  3. The New Normal –is good for business!  

    There are health fears, there are new professions, there are new emerging markets, online global economies, and many company team members (like at LinkedIn, T-Mobile, The US Government, and our company as well) can work, buy, and conduct business from almost anywhere in the world.  

    Freedom of lifestyle, which means you can improve your life –immediately!  
  4. Why Not Homebased?  

    Workers Have Learned Some Companies Made More Profits During The Pandemic. So, why not home-based, why not work-remotely, why not work with supplies, and vendors alike, all from everyone’s location of choice. After, what is a ‘company’ or ‘corporation’ anyway –just a piece of paper in some attorney’s file cabinet, or something in the ‘cloud’ anyway. It’s a ‘concept’ it is not ‘real’ until you make it real.  
  5. America Needs A Raise.  

    People around the world always hear the ‘USD of Dollar Rate’ and think it is so big –but not if you are working-class in America.  

    During the pandemic, millions of people found out, they were working-class-poor. Literally, slaves to debt, then, one paycheck, 2-weeks from broke, 30-days from eviction, and if not for government handouts, they would have had no food to eat.  

    Walking by those transients, and homeless on the streets, seemed surreal, and not so farfetched a situation, just a few months ago for millions of people living in some of the richest countries on earth.  

    Hence, this global “Entrepreneurial Revolution” where working-class people realized the true power of entrepreneurship –along with the “high costs” of working. Owning a “small/micro business” can –easily- bring in more cash to a family than a low-end job. Reality entrepreneurs, not flashy millionaires, nor celebrities have become the craze.  

    People want to know, simply HOW TO REPLACE THEIR JOBS. They have realized that getting rich –quick, and buying flashy material things, is just another form of slavery.  

    FREEDOM is the new currency and ROI.  
  6. Lifestyle Demands & Lifestyle Freedom.  

    Freedom, and mental health, become an ROI (return on/of investment) during the pandemic. It became a demand for a worker, many of you quit when you were rejected, and a ‘purpose’ for business owners when creating, or reinventing their ventures. Working for yourself, and building your own legacy, is the ultimate freedom for many people.  
  7. Homebased Work vs. Business.  

    LinkedIn reported that their 16,000 employees will be working from home -indefinitely. So, if the guys who own LinkedIn can make billions without even having offices, why can’t you make enough to quit your job and simplify your lifestyle?  
  8. No One Works Harder Than Americans. It’s Sad.  

    Look at nearly every Hollywood movie, every Netflix Special, and even Superman…had a JOB…WHY!? That is the dream, the popular storyline, but it hasn’t always been that way. Truth is, American’s work more than anyone on earth (seemingly), because there is no work/life/balance at play in the culture. And, that can be ok, if you are building your empire.  
  9. The BIG Lie.  

    There is no pot at the end of the rainbow and no one is coming to save you. THE BIG LIE is that retirement is all bliss and cruises.  

    90% of working-class Americans RETIRE POOR. Meaning, it didn’t get better, it got worse. What you have realized, is that even when you have a good job, you should be investing in business (or real estate, anything), so that when you retire, you have some sort of passive income stream, or something of value to sell –other than your home.  
  10. Racism, Lack of Diversity & Inclusion.  

    People (especially black and other minorities) are sick and tired of playing the game. And white men, you are unsure about the future. Either way, the reality is that there is not much of that stuff outside of the West. Companies and savvy entrepreneurs have realized, that diversity = profits.  

    As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to build your own ‘company culture’ and expand to all the diverse markets you would like to –or you can be exclusive.  
  11. It’s Never Been Easier to be an Entrepreneur.  

    Whether you sell online, consult online, jump onto the ‘Gig Highway’ or simply work from home as a subcontractor or remote worker, you are an entrepreneur now. You are on your own, you must be self-motivated, and you’re an island.  

    Here at KA&CO, we love welcoming and helping new entrepreneurs hit the ground running. We also specialize in venture/business development, perfect for existing entrepreneurs in need of a pivot to succeed in this new normal economy.  

    Sign-Up For A Coaching Strategy Session.  

    Let’s talk about it…  
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