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How-To Quit Your Job

How-To Quit Your Job

If you are one of the 40 million+ in the United States or the 100 million globally who have recently found themselves unemployed; or, if you are one of the 75% of employed (or previously employed) people who hate their jobs and/or bosses and you are looking to quit and perhaps become an entrepreneur, then this episode is for you!

Having personally quit numerous jobs over my entrepreneurial career, I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, and have helped hundreds of employees to quit their jobs, I thought it would be nice to put this list of must-do’s together for everyone who wants to quit their job –or who have lost theirs in the pandemic.

There are 3 parts to this process which you must do, completely, or you will fail and be back to work.  Which, is ok, learning is part of the process.

  • Establish The Goal
  • Make Your Success Formula and
  • Put In Your 2-Week Notice…Quit.

With that being said, there is good news, the less you earn, the poorer you are, the easier it is to quit your job and to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Additionally, entrepreneurship is your God-given right, Jesus was a carpenter.  He did not work for Sprint, AT&T, Mc Donald’s, IKEA, or Walmart.

In the West, today we have forgotten that the dream use-to be to own your own little business –“your piece of the pie”.  But, in the last century, after integration, and the industrial revolution, ‘The Rich’ needed employees and so, they made working at their factories and offices so alluring, and credit so readily available, that people who would otherwise be small business entrepreneurs got into the rat race –and they got stuck for generations.

You may need to drastically change your over-extended, pretentious-driven, consumer credit debt-full life.  You may need to get a job waiting tables, learn to live from that income and then, start your business by quitting that job…your lifestyle can enslave you.

Rich Secret #1:

Money is whatever you agree that it is.  That is why you do not need ‘money’ to start a business or to get rich…money is usually the outcome.  We will talk more about this, later…

Here are 9 Steps That Will Give You The Momentum, Confidence, and The Roadmap To Quit Your Job:

  1. Make It Your Goal
Make It Your Goal

You need to decide on the future you want, then stop dreaming, stop watching what others are doing on TV or online, and envying them.  Make freedom for your GOAL.  Then, visualize, see yourself free, see yourself dealing with your customers, see yourself manifesting this goal.

  1. Improve Your Work Ethic
Improve Your Work Ethic

The Best Employees Make The Best Entrepreneurs.  You will need to work, every day.  Think of the business, as your second job, and you work it like your life depends on it -because it does.  It’s called “THE GRIND”

  1. Know Your Gross Salary
Know Your Gross Salary

You need to know your ‘FREEDOM NUMBER’ just like a slave buying his or her freedom their master.

***NOT YOUR DREAM NUMBER.  This is not about dreams.  If that is what you are looking for, some get-rich-quick hack, then you can stop this video or stop reading right now.

What is the number?  Is it $1k a month, $3k, $5k?  And, be honest, this is not about living better than before, at least not yet.  Now, it is about getting free –or for millions, it is about simply replacing lost income.

  1. Reverse Engineer Your Salary
Reverse Engineer Your Salary

Establish the math.  Using your FREEDOM NUMBER, how much do you need to make?

For example:  $2,000 a month [divided by] $100 = 20 sales or customers/ per month.  It’s simple right.  What will you give/sell of value for $100 –or perhaps $50 for 40 sales a month?

Good news:  Numbers are the same for everyone and they do not see color, sexuality, or disability.  And, as an entrepreneur or business owner, your taxes are deducted/and paid AFTER you pay your expenses, unlike when you were an employee, but, that is another video.

  1. Educate Yourself About Entrepreneurship
Educate Yourself About Entrepreneurship

Sorry to say, being an employee and being a boss, or an owner is not the same thing.  There are different goals, lifestyles, mentalities, and different skills to learn.

  1. Take Action
Take Action

You need to break all of this down into steps and you need to hold YOURSELF accountable.  There is no boss anymore.  If you will be selling something online, then get that domain, right now!  If you will be making meals for delivery, get that logo, or that Facebook page, today!  If you will be grooming pets, then go get the clippers or scissors you need, now.  If you need to establish yourself, then work FOR FREE in the beginning.  Take Action!

  1. Never Give Up! Be Tenacious
Never Give Up! Be Tenacious

You have got to be tenacious.  This is not about material wealth or showing off to the Jones, anymore.  Now, your inspiration is FREEDOM.  You have chosen something you know, love, and care about, you can work with who you enjoy working with, and you are the boss.

But, it is not easy, just like working a job, now, you work for yourself, you are building the business, so when the going gets tough…you must focus on the goal.  If something fails, you re-design, re-plan, and rejuvenate.  But, you never give up!  This time, you are just quitting on yourself and your dream.

  1. Leverage & Outsource Everything!
Leverage & Outsource Everything!

This is the ultimate leverage –especially when you are still working your job.  Rich people know, leverage is the secret to wealth, and in the beginning, it is the key to freedom.

Others working for you, while you are working on other things, or while you’re sleeping, can help you grow faster.  Pay them, BEFORE you pay yourself.  You are focused on THE GOAL, not the fast cash.  Do not forget that.

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  1. It DOES NOT take money to make money. It takes VISION.
It DOES NOT take money to make money. It takes VISION.

This is the true secret of the rich.  Money is whatever you agree that it is.  Let me explain…money, cash, pesos, pounds, are all OUTCOMES of other things done right, consistently.

Let’s unpack this:  Rich people know, that in-kind, xdeals, trade accounts, and sweat equity, are all more valuable than cash.  Poor people, stay focused on cash, or money, never understanding, that rich people can organized assets, including your work and skills, AND THEN can make money with it.

Have you ever wondered how?

  1. BONUS: Shed Your S**T!
Shed Your S**T!

Another hack for entrepreneurs and artists is THE POWER OF MINIMALISM.

More than interior design or some grunge style, minimalism is a lifestyle and a mindset.  “Less is more” are the fundamentals of business success.

When you are focused on getting away from the entrapments of the working class.  Just think have you seen real, self-made, rich people flaunting their Gucci Slides, or some $3,000 purse?  Have you ever seen them, go in debt to show off?  Do you see them in malls on shopping sprees?  Of course not.

They are the owners, creators, and distributors of the things poor people buy.  Think about it for a second.

Entrepreneurs buy and invest in, true-assets, real-assets…

Like Mark Zuckerberg; you know the college drop-out, who founded Facebook with NO MONEY and later got a couple of grand in seed capital from a schoolmate?

Did you know, Mark bought…

Instagram for $1 Billion USD in 2012,

WhatsApp for $19 Billion USD in 2014, and acquired

Oculus VR (a virtual reality tech company) also, in 2014 for $2 Billion USD.

But he lives in the same modest 5,000 sq. ft. home in California, USA, he got in 2011 for a mere $7 Million USD, with his Asian wife and their gorgeous kids. 

So you are not the first to start on this entrepreneurship journey, nor will you be the last.  There is a revolution of like-minded people out here, to aide, and abed you along the way.  But stay focused and rethink your lifestyle and your priorities.

So shed all your crap, so you can get free faster, and focus on your freedom.

See my old, video when I shed all my s**t over a decade ago:

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