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Outsource Everything!

Outsource Everything!


How-To Be A Minimalist CEO Outsourcing Success 101: An Introduction For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs By Kareem Jackson

2020 EBOOK VERSION The Freedom Seeker’s Guide by

OUTSOURCING SUCCESS 101 By Kareem Jackson KA&CO America LLC The Tiongson Group

Outsourcing 101 is an introduction and will take you through the steps you need make when you’re ready to take the leap and get free from the entrapments of your business.


You will learn how-to: Overview: Develop a Minimalist CEO Mindset. Chapter 1: Evolve Into A Minimalist or Laptop CEO.

Chapter 2: How-to cut up to 80% of your overhead expenses.

Chapter 3: Run your business from your laptop.

Chapter 4: Charge more for your products and service as a commodity.

Chapter 5: Re-invent your business. Chapter 6: Be more competitive in your niche.

Chapter 7: Offer lower prices to your clients –if you want to.

Chapter 8: How to get started –TODAY!

Introduction KAREEM JACKSON FREES WOKE ENTREPRENEURS FROM THE ENTRAPMENTS OF THEIR BUSINESSES –AND MATERIAL WEALTH. “I help WOKE entrepreneurs: to minimalize their clutter lifestyles, outsource their business processes, make more profits –and money, then use technology to create their dream life!” -Kareem Jackson

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