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Black Successful Women Stop Lowering Your Standards, Please.

Guys like Kevin Samuels, are not necessarily talking to you. Value is inherent and relative, and some men are going to die alone too -all that attitude, and then they lose their money and their woman. Happens very often, and in every race, and every country. Black women do not have a monopoly on break-ups.

I have 20 things I want to remind you, talk to you about, and shed some light on. If you stay til the end, I have a bonus topic for you….

  1. Know Your True-Value.
  2. Men die alone, not usually women!
  3. Don’t miss manage your beauty and your youth.
  4. You got a US Vice President –that’s real!
  5. You’re Up!!! The numbers are out.
  6. Secret: Men aspire to be better, because of you.
  7. The T.H.O.T.’s are not your enemy.
  8. Travel…you are on the top.
  9. LIFE is NOT about a rich, high-value man. Wake-up America!
  10. Women, you have the kids already, you DO NOT NEED A MAN, #newnormal.
  11. Kevin Samuels is not talking to you.
  12. FACT: Women you mature faster, usually more-sophiticated, and grow-up faster.
  13. If you’re a “BIG” girl…your man should also be an inspiration.
  14. EDUCATION: Black Female Education IS UP!
  15. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Black Women Are The Biggest Spike!
  16. Grow Your Business. You will ultimately realize that will take care of you, same as men.
  17. Outsource Everything: Freedom Is The Key.
  18. Let your man (or men) be your man/men.
  19. You Run The World! Remember That.
  20. You are the ones who validate men. Not the other way around.

Let’s talk about it…

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