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Kansas City Star Apologizes For Their Racism…Now What?

Black Kansas City

Kansas City Star Apologizes For Their Racism…Now What?

Open Letter From CEO, KA&CO America LLC

What will The Kansas City Star do wrong to those of us from Kansas City who were the victims of their racist culture? From exclusion, and false representation of black folks, to actually blocking the printing of black-owned publications, we want to know what are their plans to fixing the wrong.

We have economic losses, actual CASH OUT OF Pocket.

As well as, but not limited to, many who lost their businesses, and subsequently their livelihoods -forced to go work for “The Star” in some cases.

Thank you for the apology.

It’s about time. That being said, what about your plans to compensate, positive now promote, showcase, empower, and lift up those you use to stomp out???

We’ll continue to wait…

Kareem Jackson -Author Publisher Business Development Specialist, Executive Publisher, Minority Success Magazine Kansas City, Black Kansas City Magazine, CEO KA&CO International Business Development Firm, Board Member, OUTZED.US.

Black Kansas City
Kansas City STAR

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