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US Senator David Haley Talks White Fear and Significance of Roots Today

US Senator David Haley Talks White Fear and Significance of Roots Today 

What America Can Still Learn From ROOTS, Why Racism Is Rooted In Fear & What White Racist Fear –REALLY.

Special Guest US Senator David Haley (Kansas, USA) and Host Kareem Jackson (Philippines Islands) have a live recorded conversation about the opportunities which inherently abound for black Americans right now.
US Senator David Haley, is an Attorney, as well as celebrating 21-years as a US politician. David, is a member of the Iconic American Haley Family (Haley is their slave master name), the great grandson of Kunta Kinte, he is the son of George Haley; a politician, and the first black US Senator in Kansas, USA, where David has nurtured the legacy.
David is also, the nephew of Alex Haley, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of ROOTS, an incredible American Saga, #1 best-selling true life novel, and all-star cast, television event of that year. The ROOTS SAGA, spans over 100-years from slavery, to Civil War, American Reconstruction, to survival.
ROOTS, is still one of the first and most popular documentations of black Americans who seek out, and find their African roots.
Alex Haley searched for 12-years, for his roots, all before websites such as Ancestry.com, which is how our two families: the Jackson’s and the Haley’s met, in Africa in the late 70’s.
Grandma Theople Jackson, knew the Haley’s in Kansas, USA, then by her request, my father Anthony “AJAX” Jackson, who was in Africa for business opportunities not available for Negros in America, hosted David’s family, who were in Africa as well, writing a book…ROOTS. I remember seeing the hand-written draft as a young child.
ROOTS, has even more significance today.
As little has truly changed for black Americans in the United States in terms of status, fear of lynching’s, economics and equality. Additionally, black Americans, have not yet taken the advice of Alex Haley (who died in 1992 age age 70), to take the time to seek out, learn, and capitalize on their rich African roots.
FYI: Alex Haley, sold more than 5.5 million copies of his true-life book in both hard cover and paperback according to the NY Times. You can see the Original ROOTS Movie “Saga of an American Family” on Netflix.
There is lots to still be learned from ROOTS, and the subsequent true-story of the Haley Family. All, black American share this heritage.
Just as we celebrate, learn from, and have been enlightened by Moses, Egypt and the story of the Jewish Slaves he freed from the Pharaohs.
ROOTS can teach us a lot in regards to what lies ahead for America, racism, and to expose the true-fears, as well as, lingering hostilities, of racist white America.
Let’s talk about it…

  1. Losing Black Americans. Yes, this is a fear, especially for large corporations, since black American earn –and spend- somewhere are $4 Trillion USD Per Year!

That being said, countries such as Canada, The Philippines, and of course, Africa have been investing massive budgets to attract Black American Racism-Free Tourism, Investment and Residency.

US Pres. Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation: 01 January 1863
1860 US Census Total Number of Negro Slaves/Assets: Approx. 4 Million
1860 US Census Total Population: Approx. 31 Million
The American Civil War: (1860-1865)
Most Populated Cities: (1) New York (2) Pennsylvania (3) Ohio (4) Illinois
(5) Virginia (6) Indiana (7) Massachusetts (8) Missouri (26) California
(no ranking for Kansas Territory and Washington Territory)

  1. Positive After Effects Of Slavery: Yes, there are massive positive affects of slavery. Simple by reading the bible, knowing the story of Moses, who freed the Jewish slaves in Egypt you can see the warning signs. Now, the Jewish American community is one of the wealthiest communities on earth. (Facebook, and others).

Black American’s have shocked the world, with their tenacity, physical resilience, and unknown to many of them, the black American community is one of the world’s wealthiest communities as well today. American propaganda, keeps the American market (especially blacks), believing the lack of inherent value, intelligence, resources, and opportunities which are available to the globally.

  1. The “WOKE” Negro –and some Whites: Let’s define “WOKE” as realizing the facts, rather than fiction: stemming from US propaganda, miss-information in the educational system (for both blacks and whites alike), and taking action with what you have learned.

The wealthy in America (as well as other nations), are wealthy because they invest globally. They use the massive benefits of the USD (US Dollar), American education, passport, visa freedom, and novelty of American branding to leverage their US-based assets to build more wealth.

However, ……………………….

Read the full article at:
www.KareemAntonio.com search US Senator David Haley.


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