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How Did I Get Free -10 YEARS AGO?

Kareem Antonio Jackson

How Did I Get Free -10 YEARS AGO?

The top, #1, most-asked question I get at Ask@KareemAntonio.com, is “HOW did I do it?!?” and keep doing it for over 10-years so far! Especially now, in this post-COVID-19 world, we all are living in TOGETHER, everyone wants to know how to earn money and/or run their businesses from their laptop! HOW is what everybody wants to know. But WHY is where it started for me. So I am doing a whole Kareem Jackson LIVE! ON THE SET 2-Part Series on it titled: “Why I Left America -Really!” Part One & “How I Left America -And Survived!” Part Two.

Quick Secret: Drop the BS pretentious goals.

I shed all the chit in my life, check out this video from 5-years ago in the Philippines Islands: Minimalism Step One: Shed Your Shit

Then, getting FREE, is much more simple than you think. And here’s another insight; I am mainly talking to WOKE and realistic employees, or small business owners, celebrities, and entrepreneurs with 0 to 100 employees. It’s not about being freakin’ rich, or making $1mil a month -this is about GETTING FREE AND LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFESTYLE.

TIME IS MONEY…So give me time and I can make money. FREEDOM IS WEALTH!

How I did it? 10-Years ago, I downsized my entire US company, outsource all the business processes, I got online with an awesome website, dumped my whole career on it, added e-commerce, then, go a better laptop, and a 2-way plane ticket. If I failed, I could go back home to my mom’s house, but, I did not fail…I thrived! And, so can you. WATCH THIS NOW: Want your business to BOOM after the coronavirus?

In this episode highlights video of the full 2-hour show, I give my 5 Reasons you need a website if you’re a small business owner, celebrity or an entrepreneur (Episode Highlights). If you want your business to BOOM after the coronavirus quarantines are over, you need to watch this!

I am telling you the truth about why many businesses, a lot of entrepreneurs and some online savvy entrepreneurs are getting MORE CLIENTS RIGHT NOW!

This is your chance to KILL THE BIG BUSINESSES AND KEEP KILLING THEM even after the virus is gone.

See my full 2-hour episode here: https://youtu.be/akUgLh6FwFg

Learn more about that awesome small business, celebrity, entrepreneur coronavirus promo here: https://kareemantonio.com/website-promo

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