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Data Privacy: Is Your Company Ready?

Data Privacy: Is Your Company Ready?

Is Your Company Data Privacy Ready? That is the question on every entrepreneur’s mind these days. Especially with the post-coronavirus lifestyle, we are living in now: all the customers, staff, partners, investors and suppliers have migrated online. Data Is King.

I sat down with my Data Privacy Officer for lunch and asked a few key questions, which I think we all (as professionals and business owners) need to know right now, in order to get -and stay- in compliance with these new laws. I asked:

  1. What is ‘Data Privacy’ all about –really?
  2. Does it affect my business?
  3. What is the first step I need to take to get into compliance?
  4. Why is this a law or legislation?
  5. Is this just for the Philippines –or the country I do business in?
  6. How do I get a DPO (Data Privacy Officer)?
  7. What if I have cameras throughout my business?
  8. How can I lessen the data issue risk in my business?
  9. Why is this good for my business?
  10. Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and Data Breach, what’s the difference?

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