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How I Went From Print To Digital

Kareem Antonio Jackson eBook

–And Gained My Financial Freedom In The Process!
By Kareem Jackson

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Kareem Jackson is an award-winning American serial entrepreneur, publisher, LIVE! On The Set Show Host, The Minimalist CEO Podcast, as well as, US Executive Publisher of Minority Success, The Philippines Magazine Internal, Philippines Ink, Bulacan Lifestyle, Outsource Everything! Data Privacy 101, and over 20 other titles. (www.KareemAntonio.com)

If you are a current publisher of magazines, books, or catalogs, and you are torn between staying ‘in-print’ vs. going online and/or ‘digital’ this is the episode for you.

Or, perhaps, you have been thinking about launching a new magazine of your own, but you are not sure of the viability magazines in today’s world; make sure you watch/read this before you make your move.

Either way, the world has changed dramatically and going from print to digital is something you will have-to do. If you have been searching for insights on how to make a smooth, successful transition, then, this episode is going to blow your mind.

By the time we are done, I will give you insights on how I got free from the rat race, by taking my magazine publishing business from print, to digital, and then, globally!

In addition, I have 11 things that helped me understand this new digital publishing opportunity, and if you stay until the end, I have a bonus for you.

So, if you have wondered about…

• Post COVID-19 Is Print Really Dead Now?
• (See the KA&CO America LLC Small Business Website Promo: https://kareemantonio.com/website-promo)
• Outsource Everything!
(See the eBook: https://kareemantonio.com/my-ebook)
• New Business Model
(Want to start or digitize your own magazine? Start here: https://kareemantonio.com/wanna-own-your-own-magazine)
• Anytime Promotion Ability
• Publisher vs. Digital Media Company
• Distribution
• Higher Readership
• Search Engine Optimization aka SEO
• Multi-Media
• Online Distribution Sites
• Competitive Pricing
• BONUS: Financial Freedom

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