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FIND SOMETHING NEW -Ivanka Trump To Unemployed Americans


Unemployed?  It’s Time To… “FIND SOMETHING NEW.” –Ivanka Trump


The Hill:

Ivanka Trump Twitter:  Pledge To American Worker’s Initiative

The Website: https://findsomethingnew.org/

Whether you love them or hate them, this is probably the best thing they have ever implemented.  It reminds me of the “Affordable Care Act” from The Obama Administration.  What if, you didn’t know it was from ‘The Trumps’, this ‘Find something new .org’ would be a beacon for the tens of millions of American’s out of work, as well as, those who simply want to ‘find something new’ in the market.

Here are a few highlighted opportunities, or ‘Rising Careers’ mentioned in Ivanka’s speech and on the website:

  1. Tech Consultant
  2. Apprenticeship
  3. Online Medical Course
  4. IT Consulting Program
  5. Solar Power
  6. Helicopter Mechanic
  7. Aerospace Engineering (Avg. Salary: $66,020 per year)
  8. Broadcast Engineering (Avg. Salary: $45,510 per year)
  9. Computer Support Specialist (avg. Salary: $54,760 per year)

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The commercial, shockingly presented by The AD Council, kicks-off, straight out the gate, with a very handsome, healthy, and professional, African American, to let everyone know, they are definitely using this one to target the black American and minority communities. 

There is no doubt that this will reinforce the Trump Administration’s claims on job creation.  And they have gone further to step-in and work with re-training American workers to compete globally in the workplace.

This is a much welcomed, far-cry from coal mines, re-opening factories, and manufacturing.  It is the most refreshing news to come from the Trump White House, and hopefully, a beacon moving forward.

“Find a new way forward…Jobs are changing -and the pandemic has accelerated the pace. Whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time or need to pivot and retrain, skills-based education can put you on the fast track to an in-demand career. Explore your options to find something new.”  –FindSomethingNew.org

And, it is no accident, that this black American man is ‘finding something new, in the tech space’ either. 

Tech is one of the top most-minority-deficient, and highest-paying industries, which are begging for black talent. 

Additionally, tech is a global opportunity and is in the top 10 highest paying jobs list anywhere in the world, and since it is preferred in American English, it gives massive opportunities to the black American community at large -who may be looking to re-train, re-invent, and travel.

Ivanka Trump, didn’t get into the marketing and vision very much, nor did she speculate on ‘why’ they chose this campaign, and she missed the mark on specific opportunities which are now in America; such as AI, online businesses, teaching in the new norm, or the delivery phenomenon, and she missed the chance to talk about tech as well.

What Ivanka Trump did do, however, was to go against the industry norms of their core base, with a clear message, ‘…it is time to find something new…’ in the American job –and business- markets.  Corona gave them the exit-strategy they need to lead their following into the future.

Ivanka Trump was surprisingly clear, that job opportunities abound in the United States, but, they have shifted to different industries.  In another, pleasantly surprising, area of her speech, she let people know, college and higher-education, is not for everyone and seemed to direct her words to the youth, to visit the website (www.FindSomethingNew.org) to find opportunities directly, and she expressed, they may be surprised at what they find. 

I recommend, that we take this with the most positive attitude possible, and realize, this is what we have been preaching here at KareemAntonio.com for the past decade. 

Opportunities abound in this world, as well as, in the United States, and perhaps even more for black Americans and other minorities.

It is time for you to use this COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic to re-charge, revive, and re-invent yourself, your outlook on life, and your career.  

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