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LinkedIn is seeing increased membership and engagement especially, in the black and minority markets.

So these 11 Most Effective LinkedIn Actions For A Powerful Profile are timely and Black Folks, this can be a game-changer for us..

It also complements my earlier episode “Don’t Commit LinkedIn Profile Suicide 13 Tips”.

If you missed it, catch the playback or see the full written article at OUTZED because, it provides all the tools and tips for updating, refreshing or creating an optimized LinkedIn Profile Page.

Plus+ some specific tips for black folk, in celebration of Black History Month.

With the increase in traffic and activity on LinkedIn, it’s now time to start ROCKIN’ the Platform!

You must, raise your presence, and get noticed.

Ima get into:

  1. Grow your Network
  2. Endorse your connections
  3. LinkedIn Skills Assessments
  4. Request Recommendations
  5. Publications.
  6. Engage
  7. Follow Relevant Influencers
  8. Become an Employee Advocate
  9. Publish your own posts
  10. Export your connections
  11. Check your post-Analytics

Let’s get into it!

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