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Why don’t black Americans just come home

“Why don’t black Americans just come home?”

We are at a watershed moment in global history, when the rules of yesterday, no longer apply, ‘values’ have been completely re-invented, and the ‘powers that be’ are shifting.

Now, not only black and white Americans are fighting in this 2nd American Civil War; the world have stepped up against the injustices. In America, all nationalities, economic statuses, sexual preferences, and political affiliations have said “Enough is enough…”, and they have taken to the streets.

Presidents and governments around the world, such as the Philippines President Duterte, China, African Nations, and even Canada has spoken out against the treatment of black Americans –in America, and has even questioned why the United States is not held to account in The United Nations, for ‘crimes against humanity’ throughout history.

Technology, is nearly at a point where wealthy Africans, can also ‘Reverse Search’ for their family.

My guest today is a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur, he is a singer, he has travel the world, but luckily for me, the Corona, has him at home in Nigeria, Africa today and available to talk to me about a question, I get a lot from every African I know, do business with, and, many of the people I work with around the world,

“Why don’t black Americans just come home?”

Welcome, Ambassador Emmanuel Gabari to the show. Let’s talk about it…

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