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New Tourism Boom! A futurist perspective.

  🛑The Philippines: 🌴👙New Tourism ✈️ Boom💣! A futurist perspective.

The Philippines: New Tourism Boom! A futurist perspective. Travel Agencies in the United States, such as Key 2 Paradise Travel, in Kansas City, MO, USA, with CEO Keyona Gregory, as well as, Go Discover Travel, Go Boracay and Go Palawan Tours, by My RANGGO Hospitality Lifestyle Magazine in the Philippines Islands are experiencing a travel and tours agency industrywide reboot.

The demand to ‘exit’ the United States (as soon as possible), the request for their US Passports, and the desire to become an entrepreneur; by black, and minority Americans, has spiked under the current Administration.

Futurist from the United States, Europe, and China, predict the largest (per cap) boom in recent tourism, trade, and investment history. 

10 Reason The Philippines Tourism Is Expected To BOOM In 2021: 

1. 2021 Will Mark The Largest Tourism Boom In 50 Years. 

2. No Crowds, No Traffic & No Hassles. 

3. New Innovative Racism-Free Tourism Campaigns Targeted At America. 

4. The Climate Has Rebooted, The Air Is FRESH, & The Water Clean Again. 

5. Tourism Is Now A Privilege –Again. 

6. New Consumer-Centric Tourism Industry Ranking Sites. 

7. Medical & Beauty Tourism 

8. Less Is More: Only 50% Will Survive. 

9. Tourists Are Now Younger Than Ever. 

10. Vacations vs. Hiatus vs. Sabbaticals vs. Dual Residency 

11. BONUS: Buy Your Own Resort Hotel 50% Off! Why The Philippines Let’s unpack and talk about it…

 Surprisingly, for the first time in history; armed with more than $4 Trillion in America, and around 2 Trillion Pounds in Europe, worth of annual spending power, the wealthiest, and most-progressive global tourism market will pivot to the blacks and minorities from the West.

But they’re not alone. The black and minority markets, bring with them their more diverse, anti-racism-minded, multi-racial, and hip Western counterparts, families, and friends. 

The wealthiest countries in the world; have also proven to be the most stressful, most polluted , divisive , as well as, the most-racist countries in the world , and, they have the highest cost of living –something front-and-center for everyone now living in the West. 

That is great news for the Philippines, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands, as well as some parts of Mexico. All of which are 50 to 100 times the living cost/standards of the United States and Europe. Let’s talk about it LIVE! Set the reminder!

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