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KA&CO Business Development Solutions Affiliate Partner & Sales Representative

Kareem Antonio Jackson

KA&CO Business Development Solutions Affiliate Partner & Sales Representative

Kareem Antonio Jackson

The world is at a watershed moment, a rare time in history when the rules of yesterday no longer apply, and opportunities are emerging from new sources.  Specifically, massive opportunities abound online.

The truth is that professionals with effective skills in online sales, data protection, marketing, business development, public relations, and funneling will comprise 50% of new businesses, firms, subsequent jobs, and gig entrepreneurs around the world.

That means, there is no reason to actually ‘open’ a brick-and-mortar business at all.  Affiliates are the future.

Post COVID-19 more than 40% of businesses (worldwide), will remain closed on re-opened, or close shortly thereafter.  And, 70% of those who do stay open, will reinvent themselves, by outsourcing, launching online, digitally, and embracing paperless operation solutions.

But, however, sales and marketing affiliate entrepreneurs and reps for B2B (business-to-business); offering business development products, services, and solutions, will be the emerging professionals and industries.

The opportunity is to be a professional which helps existing businesses enter, navigate, and re-invent their businesses to keep up with the new, and untapped online and digital world.


As a KA&CO America Business Development Solutions Affiliate Partner & Sales Representative, you are the face of KA&CO America.

You promote, source, close, and guide business owners through the online and digital transition using KA&CO America products and services.

Compensation:  20-40% Full Commission, Reginal and Countrywide exclusive territories, plus, incentives.

Investment:  $2,499 Onetime registration fee, set-up, and promotion fee.  Includes:

  • Digital business calling card design,
  • Promotional banner,
  • KA&CO America Team Member Webpage,
  • Customized media sales kit,
  • Promotional video, as well as,
  • 20-Second Promotional Video
  • Logo Animation
  • 100 printed business cards, and
  • 6 KA&CO Team Polo Shirts (+S&H fees in your country/city).

Full Job Description

KA&CO America Business Development Solutions Affiliate Partner & Sales RepresentativeAre you a proven seller?

Is being part of an award-winning team that passionately cares about entrepreneurship, financial freedom, and delivers end-to-end international business development solutions for entrepreneurial success important to you?

Then you’ll love being a member of our International Affiliate Team.

Our Affiliates are the front line of our company, selling the latest in small business development strategies, digital marketing, outsourcing, identifying opportunities, and providing solutions to our entrepreneurial customers’ needs.

We pride ourselves on being one of the world’s best solutions providers; catering to the Small Business Entrepreneur Niche Market.

What does it take to be a KA&CO America Affiliate?

  • Courtesy,
  • Professionalism,
  • Product & Service Knowledge, and
  • Sales Techniques to build successful, long-term customer relationships.

The Goal?

Help entrepreneurs achieve their success in ‘The New Normal’ and provide them with solutions through proven sales techniques. We’ll get you started by providing on-the-job sales coaching, and resources.

On our team, you’ll be an important part of shaping our customer experience – from generating revenue through sales, customer retention, to answering questions, and hosting promotions.

What you’ll do as a KA&CO Affiliate:

  • Utilize proven sales techniques to build entrepreneur/customer relationships to enhance the entrepreneurs buying and service experience for small business customers.
  • Opportunity to consistently meet or exceed sales quotas and service objectives to earn extra cash –and larger exclusive territories.
  • Interact proficiently with a variety of online team members, suppliers, and systems to provide the right solutions which meet the entrepreneurs’ needs.

Bottom line? When our entrepreneur customers think of KA&CO America, they’ll think of you.

What’s in it for you?

Start with the commission: KA&CO America Affiliate Partners & Sales Representatives start between 20% and 40% monthly commissions.

This does not include the potential 10% bonus incentive commissions, tallied monthly, and paid annually. With incentive commissions, you have the opportunity to earn up to an additional $3,000.00 a month based on your performance.  The amount is tallied and paid annually as an annual holiday or, year-end bonus.

Add AFTER ONE YEAR, a full benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, 401(k), limited tuition reimbursement, paid time off, and work/life resources, plus a 50% off at client resorts, hotel, and other products offered by our entrepreneur clients as xdeals, in-kind, samples, and trials.

Career possibilities are limitless with KA&CO America. You will have the chance to round out your experience with training on the latest business development services, outsourcing options, data protection, digital resources, and even exclusive, larger territories per affiliate.

If you’re 18 years or older, let’s talk.

Our KA&CO Affiliates must be able to:

  • Satisfactorily complete on-the-job and/or online 1on1 training.
  • Effectively use multiple systems to identify and communicate products that meet the entrepreneur’s needs, and productively resolve the entrepreneur’s problems.
  • Workday, evening, holiday, night, weekend, and/or split shifts if required.
  • KA&CO will consider for affiliate status qualified applicants who express ambition, and a desire to help entrepreneurs grow during this difficult time.
  • Qualify on pre-interview screening.
  • Excellent English Speaking Skills, both spoken and written.
  • Operate a computer, laptop, smartphone, and have basic keyboarding skills.

Affiliate Partner Programs – Sales (KA&CO America LLC)


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