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How can you go from NO CLIENTS  to SOLD OUT?  From A NOBODY to a popular professional in 30-days?  My secret…

How can you go from NO CLIENTS  to SOLD OUT?  From A NOBODY to a popular professional in 30-days?  My secret…

Kareem Antonio Jackson

👉 Get more customers.

👉 Get better customers.

👉 Use it as the Ultimate Funnel!

👉 Build credibility, which helps close deals faster.

👉 Make money forever, from just doing it once.

👉 Get asked to guests on popular shows in your genre.

👉 Reach customers, fans, and make sales globally!

😷 Even during a pandemic.

What’s the secret?

Write an ebook.

That’s right.  It’s that simple.

📲Let’s publish your first ebook -or emagazine!

It’s easier than you think.

👨‍💻And I’m here every step of the way.

🧘‍♂️From coaching you through the visualization to the conceptualization, the cover design, writing, editing, design, and getting you into The App Store and Google Play.

🌐Plus+ it can be available right from your website.  Which is great for driving valued traffic to your site!

🏆I’ve been writing and publishing for over 20-years.  I’ve received awards,  and even a US Government Resolution for one of my magazines.

📖Though I started with magazines, I now do books and magazines both, depending on the goal.

💰I learned decades ago that ‘publishing’ can establish you as an expert in the field, and thus double, ir even triple your sales.

🇺🇸See, I had a marketing business in the United States, we were excellent, but since we were the new kids on the block, we always battled closing marketing deals.

Until 2000, when by an act if fate I inherited a magazine in my hometown after a friend had passed away.

⏳Long story short, we revamped it, rebranded it, and relaunched it in 2002.

We went from literally ZERO to over 500 business clients in less than 6 months!

Marketing clients flooded in.  We were doing everything from logo designs, to full AD campaigns, photoshoots, networking events, and more.

We worked with politicians, small businesses, and even Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, GlaxoSmithKline, Sprint, Cadillac, Audi, Lexus, The Flamingo Casino, and more.

📈Publishing your own book or magazine works.  And now, digital publishing makes it easier than ever before.

❤Want some more good news, I know you’re going to love it?

You don’t need to ‘sell’ lots of copies.  You don’t need to sell 1 copy!

💡Truth is, my magazines use to be FREE!  Yes! I made 0 money from selling a single copy!

👌The credibility, access, and niche gave me LEVERAGE which I used to get more clients in my core business.

🙏And, if I can do it, so can you!

And, it takes just 30-days!

Here’s how to get started: ⠀

☝️ Right up there you’ll discover my “eBook or eMagazine Promo” deal. ⠀

It’s everything you need to have to have your first ebook or emagazine done in around 1 month.

Weve got you covered!

We give you the promotional tools, like banners and mock covers so you can start PRE-PROMOTION and PRE-SELLING in just 14-days.

Plus!  I bring on my show, and we talk about your book, and then, we create a promo video for you to use on your social media, and your website!

I do my best to make sure that succeed and your dream of having your very own ebook or emagazine becomes a reality.

“Success is for everyone.”

🤔Still need more info to decide?

👉 Watch this video about how-to have your own ebook or emagazine:

🤔 Still not convinced?

👉 Ok.  Then watch this video. I talk about the advantages of print vs. digital:

👉 Email me: Ask@KareemAntonio.com

Let’s talk about it…

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