I Love Dreadlocks Magazine Coming Soon

Kareem Antonio Jackson

I Love Dreadlocks Magazine Coming Soon | How-to Be An Affiliate | Get Showcase & MORE!

Hello, world!  I am Kareem Jackson, and if you like the dreadlocks community and lifestyle, then you’re going to love this new magazine.

Presented by the award-winning US publisher’s of The Philippines Magazine International, Philippines Ink, and other awesome publications, this limited special edition deadlocks lifestyle magazine will debut this summer showcasing Philippines deadlocks lovers, their lifestyle, artists, bands, venues, tours, events, products, and hot spots. More than just a hairstyle, dreadlocks are a lifestyle and we wanted to showcase all the things we love about it, things often overlooked, missed, and undervalued.

However, now, with the world just getting free again from the global lockdown, everyone around the world is looking at their lives, their stresses, their values, and reassessing the things that really matter. Available worldwide soon on The APP Store, GOOGLE Play, and at: www.ThePhilippinesMagazine.com Join The Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ILoveDreads



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