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Ask Kareem: Philippines Attraction, Cost of Living, Racism and Comfort.

Thanks for the great question Kasserian. She asked, about the ‘concise attraction’ I have for the Philippines, ‘the cost of living, racial acceptance, and comfort’ I feel here. I have lived all over the world, from Africa to Italy, Paris, France, China and I am not done, but I do love the Philippines and this episode gives you some insights as to why.

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Also here is an interview and a couple of videos from my archive which I feel are perfect for you if you looking at the Philippines (or Asia) as a place to live, invest, outsource or do business.

Black Asia Magazine Interview: www.BlackAsiaMagazine.com www.BlackAsiaMagazine.com

Philippines Undercover (Part One) with INTRO: $500 A Month COST OF LIVING

Part 1

Dollar vs. Peso Conversion Rate (Part Two): The Power of 50-Times Earning

Part 2

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