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The Report Is Out, The Numbers Are In.100 Million Entrepreneurs and Businesses Shut Down, 55 Million Americans Lost Their Jobs, 30 Million Evictions, US (GDP) Down 32.9% 2ND QRT.  All Despite A $66 Billion USD Stimulus Program.  WE WERE WARNED.

America, circa 2008:  We had –what we thought- was the biggest recession we could imagine, numbers ranking with The ‘Great’ Depression.  After the dust settled in America, Titans of wealth crashed and were never heard from again. Mega global corporations collapsed.  Then, the ‘big’ banks and financial institutions we thought were solvent, were caught to have inflated the books and their net worth.

In some cases- the scams were so massive, that they were accredited as part of the cause of the recession.  The biggest players in the airline, banking, automotive, and insurance industries got US Government bailouts –but we got nothing.  I had a neighbor in Long Beach, California, USA, commit suicide; the first attempt, I was there to reach him and help him, then, the second time, he succeeded –he hung himself in his home.  2020 SECOND WARNING.

Now, in America, 100 million entrepreneurs have lost their side-hustles; like massage therapists, make-up artists, stylists, drivers, housekeepers, personal chefs, soccer coaches, and personal trainers, who lost their hustles because they catered to the gainfully employed.  

And, 55 million of you lost your jobs due to the Coronavirus, 30 million Americans are facing eviction, and the US GDP has dropped 32.9%, (despite $66 billion USD in US Government allocated ‘Paycheck Protection Program’ money for small businesses, of which $1.6 billion USD remained untapped in June when the program expired).  Normally, what you may not know, is that in the US there are about 1 million –formal- evictions annually, and there were 3.7 million eviction filings in 2016 -before the COVID-19 pandemic.  About 40% of US renter households are at risk –according to Forbes.

There are certain business models, sales models, and subsequent industries, professions, and sectors that were hit more than others; such as,

  1. Hospitality & Leisure (29% Now, Last Year 5%),
  2. Mining, Oil & Gas (17.8% Now)
  3. Transportation & Utilities (12.9% Now Last Year 4.1%)
  4. Information 12%
  5. Wholesale, Retail & Trade (11.2% Now, Last Year 4%)
  6. Construction (10.1% Now, Last Year 3.2%)
  7. Manufacturing (9.1% Now)
  8. Education & Healthcare (8.6% Now)
  9. Personal Business Services (8.6% Now)
  10. Self-Employed, Unincorporated & Unpaid Family Workers (8.1% Now)
  11. US Government Workers (7.3.% Now)
  12. Agriculture (5.4% Now)
  13. Financial Services (5.1% Now, Last Year 1.7%)

Yet, there are others that have maintained their incomes, despite -or even boomed because of this global pandemic.

ARE YOU GOING TO WAIT FOR THE 3RD STRIKE & YOU’RE OUT? One thing I realized in ‘The Recession of 2008’ was that it was the best time to re-invent myself, my businesses, my priorities, and ultimately walk away.  

Everybody was going broke, and though I never did, many were filing bankruptcy, -and some were evening taking their own lives.  Over money and stress. 

If you walk away right now, no one will blame you.  No one will judge you.  It is not your fault, the entire world has been shut down.  The entire world is rockin’ to the same ‘Re-Boot’ soundtrack right now.20 Million of you, lost your jobs in America, from March and April 2020 alone.  
Now you’re asking yourself…

Is that job going to be there -when it’s safe to go back?  Will they have a vaccine, and if not, are you healthy enough to go back to work? 
Maybe you already hated your job anyway.  You were just working for the money, and you know it.  Perhaps you dreaded the drive, the commute, the hours, the pay, and you needed this to set your quest for freedom in motion!
I am putting together a Mastermind Group of awesome individuals who want to start their own side hustle, Gig, side-businesses, or whatever you want to call it.  

The Unified Goal is to gain FREEDOM and to help our communities.
It will be an Entrepreneur Revolution.
If that interests you, join me now…let’s go!

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