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😱Believe It -Or Not, Black America is one of the richest 💵 communities on earth.  They have a combined buying power larger than most countries; more than 🤑$4.7 Trillion, and an estimated 💵$100 Trillion in economic value –ANNUALLY.

🛑FYI:  Black American Economic Value, is the ‘value’ in cash, and otherwise, which is made, or paid in taxes generated, by/from the efforts, talents, investments, and work of black Americans.

🌍Subsequently, the Black Gay Community at large, are among the richest and most powerful gay communities in the world, as well.

🤑🤑D.I.N.K. Status or ‘Double-Income No Kids’ is their secret financial power, along with their creativity, innovative ideas, and pride.

👨‍👩‍👦As the majority of the world lives to raise children, with one bread-winner in the home (except in the USA where 2 or more jobs is needed and common), and the burden of paying for their parents/families; American gays, despite discrimination, often earn more than their heterosexual counterparts and have fewer obligations.

💵That being said, gay Americans; especially black, minority, and transgender, are one of the newest booming, globally-recognized micro-economies.✈️

🌍Therefore, it is no surprise, countries around the world, (such as Mexico, Ghana/Africa, France, Canada, and The Philippines) are spending billions of dollars marketing to them📢 for racism-free✈️ travel, 🍹tourism, 🏖️dual-residency, and investments💰.

🎙️Let’s talk about it…

Monday Morning, Sept. 21st, 2020 @ 9 AM (Philippines)

Sunday Night, Sept. 20th, 2020 @ 9 PM (USA Eastern)

⏰Set The Reminder, Tune-In & Comment LIVE! On The Set:

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🛑And, NO WORRIES!  The show won’t be all about that boring stuff.  We get into the gossip, Hot & Juicy Topics, and WTF is up in Gay America?!?

🎙️1. Andrew Gillum Is Bi-Sexual Now? Wtf!

🎙️2. Vers Discrimination?  WTF Is That All About?

🎙️3. Patti vs. Gladys WHO WON?

🎙️4. ODELL BECKHAM S**T On SlimDanger?  WTF!

🎙️5. WTF!  How You Live Without Porn?

🎙️6. Angela Bassett And Her Whitney Movie…WTF She Thinking?

🎙️7. WTF?!  Why Did Asia Doll Get Arrested?

🎙️8. WTF Is Wrong With Me…Why Can’t I Find A Good Man?

🎙️9. & MORE!

🤩With Special Guest Diva Ronald Matters, 🎙️Host of “The Here For It” Podcast, to help us with the gay-itry, imagery, insights, and reads.

💻See www.RonaldMatters.com and www.HereForItHive.com 

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