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In-house & Remote VS. Outsourced & Survival VS. Death

Kareem Antonio

In today’s #newnormal we are all scampering to re-invent, re-organize, and pivot our businesses. Even if you are one of the lucky few industries worldwide that has done well and expanded throughout the pandemic, the reality is that most of your customers, clients, and family are having issues making ends meet.

In the United States the government has had to subsidize their citizens, stimulate businesses, and step in to hold back the more than 50 million evictions pending.

In 2008 after the US Recession, we were warned in the West, that our uber-consumer lifestyle was like a house of cards. I almost lost everything; I had a 10,000 sq. Ft. Lot space, offices in downtown, over 100 people working with me, a big house, car, and no idea how to keep my business but cut overhead.

Then, I started seeing my top clients; like AT&T, Sprint (now T-Mobile), Western Union, and even FUBU outsource tens of thousands of jobs in Asia -specifically the Philippines Islands.

This little secret saved my business 10-years ago, and it could do the same for yours right now post-pandemic. And, good news, if you are looking to join the entrepreneurial revolution, this is also the secret to launching, scaling, and pivoting your new entrepreneurship venture.

JOIN ME for this In-House & Remote VS. Outsourced & Survival VS. Death #LinkedinLive Event and find out how I save more than 50% off my labor costs, and over 80% of my printing costs.

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