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How-To Quit Your Job?

How-To Quit Your Job?

If you are one of the 40 million+ in the United States or the 100 million globally who have recently found themselves unemployed; or, if you are one of the 75% of employed (or previously employed) people who hate their jobs and/or bosses and you are looking to quit and perhaps become an entrepreneur, then this episode is for you!

Having personally quit numerous jobs over my entrepreneurial career, I have worked with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, and have helped hundreds of employees to quit their jobs, I thought it would be nice to put this list of must-do’s together for everyone who wants to quit their job –or who have lost theirs in the pandemic.

There are 3 parts to this process which you must do, completely, or you will fail and be back to work. Which, is ok, learning is part of the process.

  • Establish The Goal
  • Make Your Success Formula and
  • Put In Your 2-Week Notice…Quit.

With that being said, there is good news, the less you earn, the poorer you are, the easier it is to quit your job and to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Additionally, entrepreneurship is your God-given right, Jesus was a carpenter. He did not work for Sprint, AT&T, McDonald’s, IKEA, or Walmart.

In the West, today we have forgotten that the dream use-to be to own your own little business –“your piece of the pie”. But, in the last century, after integration, and the industrial revolution, ‘The Rich’ needed employees and so, they made working at their factories and offices so alluring, and credit so readily available, that people who would otherwise be small business entrepreneurs got into the rat race –and they got stuck for generations.

You may need to drastically change your over-extended, pretentious-driven, consumer credit debt-full life. You may need to get a job waiting tables, learn to live from that income and then, start your business by quitting that job…your lifestyle can enslave you.

Rich Secret #1:
Money is whatever you agree that it is. That is why you do not need ‘money’ to start a business or to get rich…money is usually the outcome. We will talk more about this, later…

Here are 9 Steps That Will Give You The Momentum, Confidence, and The Roadmap To Quit Your Job:

  1. Make It Your Goal
  2. Improve Your Work Ethic
  3. Know Your Gross Salary
  4. Reverse Engineer Your Salary
  5. Educate Yourself About Entrepreneurship
  6. Take Action
  7. Never Give Up! Be Tenacious
  8. Leverage & Outsource Everything!
  9. It DOES NOT take money to make money. It takes VISION.
  10. BONUS: Shed Your S**T! The Power Of Being A Minimalist CEO.

Let’s get into it…tomorrow LIVE! On The Set at #LinkedinLive

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