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HOW I QUIT My Job, Left America –AND SURVIVED! 10 Steps.,


“Travel, entrepreneurship and investment –globally, is your right as an American citizen.” -Kareem Jackson

One of the biggest fears in life is change. Even when it’s a positive change. And, sacrifice is one of the mental blocks that keep us from trying new things, chasing our dreams, and stepping into your real power.

Truth is, you do not really need to CHOOSE to be in or out of America to take a hiatus, a get-a-way, to take your business or dream global, and to invest globally.

I believe, it is not smart to invest all of your money, time, nor efforts into one ‘thing’ and you should diversify. The same thing goes with America. Most black Americans, are all-in in America and the Democratic Party as well.

I also believe, (just as whites do), we need to have passports, research, invest, venture and possibly have dual-residency between the USA and another country you love, have roots in, friend or family. It is your right of citizenship in America and most parts of Europe.

While you are landlocked, struggling, a slave to your job, career, and/or lifestyle, there are more than 5 million entrepreneurs, businesses, and another 20 million American’s just working globally.

In the Philippines, there are more than 20 million working around the world as OFW’s and sending the money back to their families, and, using that to make their families into millionaires.

Let’s talk about it…

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