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What happened to America?

Kareem Antonio Jackson

🛑🗽“What happened to America❓”

Join us for a live-recorded, candid conversation between Host Kareem Jackson (Philippines 🌴) and US Attorney David Youngblood (Washington, DC. USA 🏛️).

They are discussing “6 Concerns (Black) Americans Have Post COVID-19” Pandemic.

“What happened
to America?”

“The sad truth is, ‘racism’ in America is better now than ever before in American history. It’s just hard to imagine, what our great grandparents endured.” -Kareem Jackson, Host Minimalist CEO Podcast, LIVE! On The Set, US Executive Publisher & Author.

Black America is in the middle of a rare watershed moment in history; they are celebrating, proud, and are richer now, than ever before in history.

Black Americans, especially entrepreneurs, have discovered ‘the global economy’, wide-acceptance, and love felt towards them around the world.

American media propaganda, ruthlessly promotes the work numbers, working-class wages, and rising unemployment. In actuality, American entrepreneurship, travel, international-investments, and millionaires are at an all-time high; but it is not because of the President, nor the American economy. Black Americans use a simple term…

The state of being, when you have learned the inspiring truth of your heritage, and have been enlightened, you can appreciate how far you have truly come and can see the vision of the vast potential of your legacy.

Being “WOKE” affects your entire existence, gives you bountiful pride, opens doors to global entrepreneurship, empowerment, travel, investments, and can be healthier, both mentally, as well as, physically.

We must be grateful. Never before, has a ‘racist’ President, politicians, celebrities, CEO’s, business owners, and even next-door neighbors been called out, fired, removed, protested, just for being racist. Not only in America but also, around the world.

Let’s not forget, just a few generations ago, you could hang a Negro from a tree, design, mass print, sell, and profit from a postcard promoting it –legally.

🛑Another Fun Fact: It hasn’t been that long. Many of the first black American students, to attend school, play basketball 🏀, baseball ⚾, football 🏈, to attend every public and private school 🎓, as well as, Ivy League US Universities 🏛️, and to drink from public water fountains, are still alive today.

“What happened to America❓” is a live-recorded 🎙️, candid conversation between Kareem Jackson and US Attorney David Youngblood.

They are discussing “6 Concerns (Black) Americans Have Post COVID-19” and what they think about them.

1. The Election
2. The Democracy
3. The Pandemic
4. The American Dream
5. Black American Lifestyle & Culture
6. The Value of Black America


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