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Philippines Tourism Boom, Obama, Black America Hits $4 Trillion, White Supremacy, Dual-Residency.

Kareem Antonio

If you missed the full live-recorded episode, no worries! Here are the Episode Highlights.

✈️The Philippines: 🌴🍹👙New Tourism Boom! Amazing Deals, Serine Waters, Cleaner Destinations, Younger Tourists & MORE!

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Here is the full live-recorded episode:

✈️Travel Agencies in the United States🗽, such as Key 2 Paradise Travel, in Kansas City, MO, USA, with CEO Keyona Gregory, as well as, Go Discover Travel, Go Boracay and Go Palawan Tours, by My RANGGO Hospitality Lifestyle Magazine 📖 in the Philippines Islands 🌏 are experiencing a travel and tours agency industrywide reboot🌐.

The demand to ‘exit’ the United States (as soon as possible), the request for their US Passports, and the desire to become an entrepreneur; by black, and minority Americans, has spiked under the current Administration.

Futurist from the United States, Europe, and China, predict the largest (per cap) boom in recent tourism, trade, and investment history.

🛑10 Reason The Philippines Tourism Is Expected To BOOM In 2021:

✈️1. 2021 Will Mark The Largest Tourism Boom In 50 Years.
✈️2. No Crowds, No Traffic & No Hassles.
✈️3. New Innovative Racism-Free Tourism Campaigns Targeted At America.
✈️4. The Climate Has Rebooted, The Air Is FRESH, & The Water Clean Again.
✈️5. Tourism Is Now A Privilege –Again.
✈️6. New Consumer-Centric Tourism Industry Ranking Sites.
✈️7. Medical & Beauty Tourism
✈️8. Less Is More: Only 50% Will Survive.
✈️9. Tourists Are Now Younger Than Ever.
✈️10. Vacations vs. Hiatus vs. Sabbaticals vs. Dual Residency
🛑11. BONUS: 🏩Buy Your Own Resort Hotel 💵50% Off!

🏖️Why The Philippines ⁉️ Let’s unpack and talk about it…

🛑Surprisingly, for the first time in history; armed with more than 💵$4 Trillion in America, and around 💷2 Trillion Pounds in Europe, worth of annual spending power, the wealthiest, and most-progressive global tourism market will pivot to the blacks and minorities from the West.🌎

👨‍👩‍👦👪But they’re not alone. The black and minority markets, bring with them their more diverse, anti-racism-minded, multi-racial, and hip Western counterparts, families, and friends.

🤑The wealthiest countries in the world; have also proven to be the most stressful 🤬, most polluted 😷, divisive ☠️, as well as, the most-racist countries in the world 🤡, and, they have the highest cost of living😱 –something front-and-center for everyone now living in the West.

🤑That is great news for the Philippines, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands, as well as some parts of Mexico. All of which are 50 to 100 times the living cost/standards of the United States and Europe.

🎙️Let’s talk about it LIVE! Set the reminder!⏰

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