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Become An Entrepreneur In 10 Easy Steps

Kareem Antonio Jackson

Become An Entrepreneur In 10 Easy Steps

Before You Quit Your Job And Become An Entrepreneur, These Are 10 Steps To Take First.

Now with 55 million people in America unemployed, 30 million facing eviction, and expected 50% of closed businesses, not opening back up, now is the best time to take that leap, seize that dream, of becoming an entrepreneur.

It is not about bling-bling or making millions of dollars, it is as simple as making up for the money you have lost with your job, and about now being in control of your own financial future.

Here are 10 simple things to do before you start your business, so you can be legit, take online payments, get checks in your business names, and ultimately make this fulltime!

  1. Conceptualize & Name Your Business
  2. Incorporation & Business Status
  3. IRS Registration
  4. Open Your Business Bank Account
  5. Open A Business PayPal Account & Online Billing Ability
  6. Bookkeeping, Expenses & Investment Tracking
  7. Create A Business Email Address
  8. Simple Business Success & Marketing Plan
  9. Website
  10. Trademarks
  11. Small Business Entrepreneur: By default, you will be classified as a Sole Proprietor, of small business entrepreneur for taxes and such, so no worries if you have already started in the business, taking money or marketing.  No worries.  You can level-up now.

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