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Why are 500,000 people waiting on their passports to leave America -AND THE UK?

kareem antonio jackson

Join me on a journey as I spill the tea on why I, a black entrepreneur, left the US 15 years ago, and uncover the top 10 reasons why many are following suit. We’re talking life-changing decisions, global trends, and exploring the allure of new horizons. With half a million Americans awaiting passports and a million UK residents already gone, it’s a conversation you don’t want to miss. Plus, we’ll dive into the shocking inflation reports in Canada. Got questions about making the move? Ask away – we’re answering the 10 burning questions about leaving America behind. Don’t miss this episode of Kareem Jackson Live! On The Set Show – it’s about to be lit! 🔥#Podcast#EntrepreneurLife#GlobalAdventures See less

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