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Entrepreneurship is A Scam! Vusi Reacts.

Hey, fam! It’s Kareem Jackson and you’re LIVE!

This is a quick and dirty “Ask Kareem” Pop-Up Segment…cause yawl has been asking me about this Entrepreneur vs Self-Emplyed mess brotha VUSI was talking about.

So if you are a snowflake and sensitive about chit…here is your trigger warning upfront!

In America true-entrepreneurship …freedom of purpose and the Entrepreneurial spirit that birth the country is dying a slow death.

And now…we’re spreading that egotistical and out-of-touch, condescending, big business BULLSHIT around the world.

Take a look at this video…

That’s……VUSI…and I love him but this came off as a bunch of snob foolery -TO ME.

Ok. I’m talking to self-employed people in America…

Bravo to you!

Keep fighting the good fight.

I salute your spirit!

You are amazing…how you’ve taken control of your lives and said “F*** YOU” to the traditional employment scam.

Yes. I said scam.

As an entrepreneur…


Yes, you have the potential to make a million dollars per year working for yourself, yes you can make BIG, especially if you come from a low-income background.

However, many people (like this brotha VUSI) miss the point of entrepreneurship…

…which is FREEDOM.

We need to help these people.

Not talk down to them.

The racists, the banks, the financiers and big businesses already do that.

We need to empower more of them to gain financial freedom by providing them with tax breaks, leverage, and mental health resources that even a solo entrepreneur can enjoy.

…rather than stay in a toxic relationship, job, company, city, or even a country…

Simply because you don’t have THE FREEDOM or OPTIONS to know another…God-given… birthright…to work for yourself!

(Jesus Carpenter Graphic)

Just like Jesus did.

Jesus didn’t work his life away at some corporation and then retire at 70 years old with a pension or no retirement at all.

If Jesus wasn’t a SELF-EMPLOYED carpenter…

..IF Jesus worked 60 hours a damn week at IKEA…what would have happened to us???

As an American, I believe our country is wealthy, and we know a lot of chit…

…but we have lost the entrepreneurial spirit that made us great.

Now, most of us are slaves to the system.

The American Confederates lost their land and slaves…

Just to only ALL become Slaves on Plantation USA.

However, 99% of US employees who make $50,000 or less per year…

…which are most Americans…of any color.

… could work for themselves and make $100,000 per year as a self-employed LLC or sole proprietor.


Not a millionaire or a billionaire…

but they could be free…

they could leave a legacy to their kids. Options. Exposure. Access.

They could have tax breaks and leverage ability and leave a legacy of entrepreneurship not debt.

You don’t need a degree, or be able to read or write perfectly, nor do you need to apply to be an entrepreneur.

It’s your birthright. FREEDOM.

Let’s stop this Classist BS…

Let’s help our people break free from the chains of traditional employment, excape the burden of big thinking…

…and achieve financial independence.

The Basics. FREEDOM.

If you make $50,000 a year or less…I’m talking to you!

We need to abandon the snobs who don’t understand or have forgotten the inherent value of self-employment.

We need to focus on helping people gain financial and lifestyle freedom.

It’s time to bring back the real grit and spirit of entrepreneurship.

It’s time to help Americans (everybody really!) achieve their dreams of working for themselves. Period. That’s the goal.


Is this your vibe?

Does this trigger you?

Follow me…stay tuned for our all-new shows next week.

Self-Employed Vs Entrepreneurs. Let’s talk about it..

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