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Kareem Antonio Jackson


Kareem Antonio Jackson In the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, American business tanked. Many huge corporations and savvy business people crashed and were never heard from again. After the huge rise and fall of my estate management firm, media and publishing businesses, I found myself faced with the same crisis. I thought I was at the top of my game; I’d worked hard and sacrificed to get here. I thought nothing could knock me down. But, I was wrong. I found myself alone and penniless.

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Data Privacy 101

This eBook is specifically designed to give an awareness of the new Data Privacy Laws and subsequent benefits, to the small business, celebrity, entrepreneurs out there as the laws –especially in the Philippines and those globally doing business- affect 90%+ of global businesses.

Minimalist CEO

THE SILVER LINING: I was debt-free and the

the only way to go -was up!
My parents raised me to do things, rather than sit around and watch what others are doing. That ideal has inspired me my entire life. So, just like billionaire Richard Branson; who began his empire on a houseboat, I went out and bought a mini-yacht off Craigslist, in Southern California, USA, that had been neglected and the owners wanted to get rid of. I waited tables for the Cheesecake Factory and I re-invented myself.


How-To Be A Minimalist CEO Outsourcing Success 101: An Introduction For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs By Kareem Jackson

2020 EBOOK VERSION The Freedom Seeker’s Guide by KareemAntonio.com

OUTSOURCING SUCCESS 101 By Kareem Jackson KA&CO America LLC The Tiongson Group

Outsourcing 101 is an introduction and will take you through the steps you need make when you’re ready to take the leap and get free from the entrapments of your business.

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