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Minority Success Pages 4In 2002, when 100 of the top NFP’s got together at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, MO for a crisis summit after losing millions of dollars in US government funding do to a low ‘Success Rate’ by minority entrepreneurs they aimed to help, we were invited to sit-in -since our Founder, Kareem Jackson was one of their Alumni success stories.

The issue was “…how can minority entrepreneurs be inspired, uplifted and how can we showcase our successes within the community?” –Ewing Marion Kauffman FoundationKareem Minority Success Magazine Launch US

At this NFP Summit, we debuted what would become our signature marketing tool. We presented the first Test Market Cover; a dark skinned and a light-skinned hand shaking. After further development and promotion, the final cover was released, as well as 20,000 copies of the inaugural issue.

The city Mayor Kay Barnes, and over 1,000 local celebrities, athletes, media, entrepreneurs and their supporters attended the Premier; over 2,000 attended the launch of the 2nd edition.

Record Breaking.

Minority SuccessMinority Success Magazine LOW REZ Cover 2Article MINORITY SUCCESS PHILIPPINES with ACE ADAMS PDF LOW REZ SHORT VersionThe first Minority Success Magazine, interactive-events and EXPO.

We subsequently were bestowed with the Ingram’s Masterpiece Award, S.C.O.R.E.S. National Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee and US Government Resolution for our contributions to Minority America.


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