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Kareem on the boat 1PHILIPPINES CUSTOMIZED, REAL-LIFE, HANDS-ON & LIFE-CHANGING IMMERSION TOURS. From $3,500 ALL-IN (Airfare from LAX on PAL or United Included)

For Anything from Philanthropy Tours where you live –safely- in the slums with some of the world’s happiest people. The experience will teach you how to appreciate and enjoy the simple things in life.

Our VIP and Celebrity Tours in which you live poolside at world-class hotels and resorts, get facials, and perhaps some cosmetic surgery to return to the West vibrant, sure and full of vigor!The Welcome Issue Spread 8A Kareem Publishers Spread

Our controversial, but popular, Racism-Free Black & Minority American Tours are designed to be an eye-opening and life-altering experience as guest live without issues of race. The ultimate de-stressor and many live with subliminal and inherent stress related to their lifestyle in the West.

Minority Success Tour Banner LOW REZ 1KA&CO Philippines INK Tattoo Lover Tour is a trailblazer. It caters to the relatively new and emerging community of art lovers who seek to collect tattoos from Philippines-artists –they rank amongst the best in the world. Trips to ancient Mindanao tattoo artists are available.

The ‘rasta’ and tattoo underground lifestyle is festive, fun-loving and inspiring to creatives. In this tour, you stay beachside, hosted by an artist in a resort or hotel near to a tattoo community. Guests are featured in our Philippines INK Tattoo Lifestyle Magazine.

Laguna Rasta Pic 7PH INK Mag Screen Shot 6Plus! Wanna get a new tattoo? The tour INCLUDES a FULL-ARM, CHEST OR BACK Masterpiece Tattoo from one of our PH INK Master Artists.

The Philippines is the world’s most hospitable culture, fastest growing economy, as well as, home to some of the world’s most-popular beaches and tropical resorts.

When our magazine readers, fans, clients and potential clients need a vacation or full-out hiatus from their hustle-n-bustle, go-go-go Western lifestyle; but are not just looking to veg-out on the sofa, some cruise ship, stay stuck in a resort or just sit around the beach all day, we develop and host custom tours designed to return them to the West both RESTED & INSPIRED.

Business People enjoy the relation and tranquility of the islands, along with expert insights of the opportunities which await –especially for micro-investors!

Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs can enjoy any of our not-for-profit ventures or affiliates, or, they may decide to create their own! Either way, KA&CO can help you get on the right track.

LEISURE TOUR Seekers can enjoy amazing custom and hosted tour packages from Metro Manila, Mega Makati City, Private Beach Clubs, to Provincial and Beachside All-Inclusive Retreats –with and without WIFI.

Being the US Executive Publishers of the only international Philippines true-lifestyle promotional magazine enable us to have relationships with hundreds of public, private and VIP tour guides, hotels, resorts, chefs, restaurants, airlines, livery and chauffer services, estates, event planners, even famous Filipino Tricycle and Jeepney owners!

To Date: We have co-founded nearly a dozen philanthropic and social-entrepreneurship ventures contributing more than P2.5million into the local communities; served more than 5,000 meals, to over 1,000 individuals, children and families in need, given 2,000 backpacks and school supplies, hosted hundreds of college students in our real-life certification seminars and awarded 2 dozen student intern and scholarships.

We are currently working with Philippines-based Orphanages to arm children with the life-skills and self-esteem to succeed in life, despite their adversities.

In addition, we have awarded over P5 million in free advertising, to over 3,000 entrepreneurs and businesses, sponsored 2 dozen complimentary US and Philippines promotional magazines, hosted more than 10,000 guests at social-entrepreneurship events, showcased more than 500 Philippines and US-based artists, awarding more than P100,000 in cash and prizes.


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