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In an effort to end tattoo discrimination in the Philippines, we decided to launch Philippines INK; taking an aggressive, hands-on approach and launch a artist showcase and booking website, a winner-takes-all tattoo competition and a complimentary Philippines tattoo lovers magazine.Jhay-Arr HOLDING PH INK 1

PH INK MASTER 2 Guest Pic 6MAD INK Event 1MAKE IT HAPPEN. We spent nearly 1-year immersed in the Philippines underground tattoo lifestyle, culture and industry. As a test-market, we debuted one Philippines-based artist in The Philippines Magazine International as a half-page AD. Success…the AD gained an entirely new readership, as well as, proved beneficial for the artist. Later we released press releases and promotional videos, as well as social media campaign, to announce to ‘Coming Soon’ of a full-section dedicated to the Philippines tattoo industry.


RAVE REVIEWS. After an amazingly rapid and warm welcome by the Philippines tattoo industry at-large, plus thousands of tattoo artists and tattoo lovers all around the world we released to the press our intentions to launch a complimentary, full Philippines INK International Tattoo Lifestyle, Tourism & Culture Magazine.

Website Screen Shot Top 1MAGZTER Newsstand SCREEN SHOT 3We supported more than 100 underground events, competitions, parties, clubs and hotspots. Ultimately, launched the country’s largest tattoo directory, showcasing more than 500 Philippines and United States based tattoo events, artists, hot spots and shops.


Our PH INK Master Tattoo Competition, was the Philippines first and only full on-line artists registration, promotion and showcase; unique geared towards tattoo collectors and lovers.
The competitions ‘sold-out’ within the 1st week they were announced with nearly 300 total registered artists, around 75 finalists, Top 20 and 1 PH INK Master who has won both annual competition so far.

We gave away nearly P100,000 in promotional prizes, advertising and perks to Philippines artists, reached more than 250,000 people with our magazine, social and print media, as well as 24 tattoo promotional videos and press releases.PH INK Global Distribution Challenge Pic 4

Philippines INK is one of the Top 2 most-popular local tattoo community magazines.

It is the only complimentary, international Philippines tattoo promotional magazine in the world. In addition, it is the only Philippines tattoo artists booking website and the highest price competition; and the country’s first 1 winner-take-all competition..IMG_3982Wanna Be A Model Poster Michaella by Andrea Rachel Lobangco 1PH INK MASTER Banner Aldrin M Butial Pic 2INK CREDIT PAGE AND CLINIC AD (3)

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